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  1. Brilliant work from MiniTru. The extra sugar cube rations has paid off in spades.
  2. Catch me on a Sunday or Monday, Rush. Been far, far too long since we've chatted on Skype.
  3. Also, I do remember the portion Margrave is talking about. That was the way Marx presented it, and in fairly clear cut terms.
  4. "I don't even remember if we needed their consent or not, the charter was never really a strong document" I was not around for the DH/NPO ordeal, but assuming the charter remain unchanged from BiPolar, all that was required was a majority trium approval. In fact, I wanting to say that it was entirely possible for a simple Trium Majority to make the charter its !@#$%*.
  5. Which leaked documents, exactly? I suppose this isn't something you felt would be, I don't know, pertinent information to share with the membership when you and cable tried to seize power?
  6. Slow your roll, Rush. There are deep undercurrents here, and even Fark has its factions. This is the one of the handful of times i've been deeply ashamed of my home, and I feel betrayed by those of whom i've trusted for years.
  7. Thank you for the support, Hakai. I'll need all of it that I can get in the coming days. /RAD is RAD //Join RAD
  8. 905, Cable, I am immensely disappointed in the both of you. You took the words of a bare HANDFUL of members to try and do away with the Council. I understand there has been friction over the last few months, and it's led to a god damned quagmire in getting things done, but us three of all people should know better than to let that make rash decisions. But this...this abuse of admin priviledges. I will not stand while you shatter my home. I will fight you every step of the way, in any way I can. If you believe this farce of a government will have an easy transition period on the world stage, yo
  9. Seems you spoke with the MoIA, who does not have the authority to make peace. 905 and Cable would be your best bets.
  10. There were a few exceptionally good fighters that I went up against (Sup Liebenow), but the majority that I had hit were less than stellar, and that sentiment was echoed endlessly throughout the war. Granted, as stated, it was a VERY tough fight for you guys due to the strategy that was deployed by Fark, and you guys did not have the proper support that would have been required to put us on the ropes. You guys did not have an envious task in that war, and your alliance still bears the scars to prove it. The fact that it was done at all speaks volumes about the willingness of you guys to be a t
  11. Well done, Yevegeni. Well done.
  12. I'll second my Emperor on this one. Seriously though, come on.
  13. There are no words Dammit Jack, you were a great person to chat and hang around with.
  14. [quote][b]Submitter:[/b] Manwithplanx[/quote] Buy the whiskey now. [quote[b]]Squirrel:[/b] Mr Vicarious[/quote] No rest for the wicked, eh? [quote[b]]TotalFark Council:[/b] Cable77 (Speaker of the Council)[/quote] I'll deeply regret missing any new Cable memes this is sure to engender :v [quote]CountryMouse one_eighty_two Randomly Jim EViL0nE[/quote] Solid lineup. Very solid indeed. [quote[b]]Senator:[/b] Omarius Zombonicus[/quote] Hali? o\ EDIT: [quote name='queenhailee' timestamp='1351917470' post='3047916'] I am not talking to any of you. Why haven't you dragg
  15. [quote name='scytale' timestamp='1344360328' post='3019588'] A shout out to those I've fought (or at least those that are on my war screen) Caliph, Zombie Lanae, Nukemaster, anbu9, Caliph, someone77, xlcrmlx, lord kira, cador, Skap Q and last but not least Caliph. Thanks for the fight. As for DarkEra97, jgabonia and Caliph (your name keeps coming up), I'd like to go until the war expires and get that casualty count up so give me all you got, keep buying back and I promise to go full on as well. Let's end this with a bang. [/quote] I'll second Nukemaster, and add Goddess of Hel, and C
  16. [quote name='magicninja' timestamp='1344350598' post='3019545'] Yeah perhaps. Doesn't make me any less right though. [/quote] [quote name='Atanatar' timestamp='1339223060' post='2979761'] ...Given this pattern of behavior, I think the technical term for what you are is "omniwrong." You are wrong in a way that, frankly, could be considered godlike. You have attained such a comprehensive level of wrong that small, superstitious tribes in the pacific rim that worship the concept of wrong build shrines and statues to you. You are wrong like the sun is bright, like water is wet, like food nou
  17. [quote name='Jake Liebenow' timestamp='1344319872' post='3019462'] Thanks to my opponents in Fark for giving Deinos one helluva first outing as far as war is concerned. Doubt we'll have better opponents from here on out. My only regret is that I temporarily went missing the last few days of the war due to outside issues Atanatar, Hepzibah, Kenobi, props. Great fighters, the lot of ya. I think my respect for Fark grew in this war, if that's at all possible. Y'all were worthy opponents, at least. [/quote] [quote name='Xibalba' timestamp='1344348615' post='3019528'] This was my f
  18. [quote name='Iherudia' timestamp='1344346692' post='3019515'] All forces involved have [b]mutually agreed[/b] to end hostilities. There was no victory or defeat here. Not even a tie. Simply an end to hostilities. This wasn't a contest. I was the one who initially brought up current wars during negotiations, and the phrasing was decided on simply for ease of execution, not as a demand by either side. OOC: Those of you thinking I'm reveling in our "victory over FARK" or something are severely overestimating my need for internet strangers to stroke my ego. We fought and now we're not. The re
  19. [quote name='Yankees Empire' timestamp='1344314953' post='3019432'] Glad to see Fark so gracious in defeat. Umbrella and TLR [/quote] Ctrl + F Find: Defeat Phrase not found
  20. [quote name='Judge X' timestamp='1344309082' post='3019387'] Sort of an o/ FARK... [/quote] It's okay, we know what you meant
  21. Also, [quote]Fark withdraws its Protectorate over Umbrella upon the cessation of hostilities.[/quote] Forced treaty cancellations? What draconian world do we live in?
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