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When it stops being fun, stop doing it.


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[color="#000080"][size="7"][b]Shattered Star Exiles Announcement[/b][/size][/color]

[i]"When it stops being fun, stop doing it."[/i][/center]

The Shattered Star Exiles arrived on Digiterra on July 21, 2008. My goal in bringing the SSX here was to demonstrate that an alliance need neither authoritarian rule, secrecy, or treachery to succeed in the world. This was at a time when the notion of these things as necessary political tools were present and popular in even those alliances considered extremely "honorable" across the planet.

The Exiles proudly challenged this assertion through an egalitarian system of consensus, free of all hierarchy. Our forums were freely open to the public, and we never once hesitated to hold our few treaties to the letter. The foundation for all of this, of course, was an undying bond of friendship, and an incredibly strong sense of community.

One year ago, the SSX joined many others in the Karma War, which we eagerly viewed as the first step towards the spread of our ideals, and the dawn of a better world. Quickly realizing that the new world we had ushered in was little different, and much less interesting than the old, activity steadily declined.

Honestly, everyone in the SSX, myself included, has become extremely bored with the game over the past year. Today, we stick by our motto. Today, the Shattered Star Exiles end their sovereign days on this world, and depart for greener pastures. Those on this world who remain proud to call themselves Exiles have found their new home in the welcoming arms of our dear friends in the Imperial Assault Alliance.

Let no one mistake this move for an act of partisanship. Especially in these last few days, rife with unjust conduct, vigilance is needed now more than ever. When our friends step out of line, it is our duty to be the voice of harshest criticism. Sorry actions and malevolent deeds should never be welcomed with a chorus of approval.

This is word of warning to the powerful: We will not be silent. We will continue to raise our voices, and we will be heard.

[center]We choose to be apart from the herd.

We refuse to exploit in games we play.

We refuse to grief other players.

We never forget it's just a game.

We want to be a part of a group where friendship, fun and honour come first.

[b]We are Exiles by choice, and proud of it.[/b][/center]

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The Empire is utterly and completely blessed to have our longtime friends in SSX join us. We know many things - we are brothers, forged over time. We share practically every worldview with one another. And now, together at long last, we march forward into the only great unknown - the future.

It is my privilege to welcome the Exiles into the Empire, where they shall be exiles no more; they are, truly, home.

-Chimaera, Emperor of the Imperial Assault Alliance

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