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  1. Glad to have you wish us, Guardian. Good luck.
  2. Wow! What a surprising shake-up in ODN!
  3. First, maybe. Better? I'm not so sure about that...
  4. You don't think it's reaching a bit to mock me for using the word "mockery" in a post? Maybe it was a tad dramatic, but this is the OWF, after all. Justitians should be the last people on Bob to criticize the use of colorful language. Come on Biff, I thought you were a better diplomat than that, being a former President of GPA and all...
  5. This is one of those rare moments when I have to agree with Rush. Whatever happened to the board policy which stated you couldn't spam the boards with unfunny joke threads? Just stop already.
  6. I must have touched a nerve, seeing as how every active member of CoJ came out to respond. But seriously Schatt, I'd quit posting that roster if I were you. It's not really that impressive when you realize most of the people listed there are inactive, and half of them, myself included, deleted not long after you posted that blog.
  7. How's the war going? Have nukes flown yet?
  8. I like the flag, at least. New Fark Order? Let's treaty and roll your former bloc together. What could go wrong?
  9. I'm really hoping Fark didn't just post two lame joke threads.
  10. It is little wonder that something is always a bit "off" with your ideology, when it is fundamentally steeped in mysticism. As you well know, the ideology of the Cult is simply what you make of it. Justitita was a mortal entity, who departed from this world before the Cult was even established. Although claiming to serve some higher justice, you only make a mockery of Justitia's true work on Digiterra, just as make a mockery of your allies. Who are you to judge whether or not an ally is worthy of your support? You are no representative of some "goddess of justice," you merely act in self-inte
  11. Hopefully you can quickly rise through the ranks of Equestria, and convince them to take the fight to GOONS.
  12. I'm pleased to see this. Congratulations to Sengoku on winning an ironclad ally.
  13. Having spent a good chunk of time CoJ, I've always had a lot of respect for this outlook. However, I think it's possible to be true to yourself without having to constantly doubt your allies. In the past, when I've signed or voted for MDoAPs, I did so because I felt there were deep common bonds between the two parties. Bonds that exceeded the moment. Bonds steeped in a shared personal and ideological history. This is why I was so pleased when The Ordinance of Rebirth was upgraded to an MDoAP in the form of Order 66. It was little more than official recognition of an existing bond with
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