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Nueva Vida Declaration of War


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Invicta declared war on Nordreich. Nueva Vida acknowledges their aggression against our allies and declares war on Invicta.

Hoka hey!

Signed for Nueva Vida,

Nelchael, Emperor
Hizzy, Lord of Brotherhood
Zzzptm, Lord of the Interior
Shaunbing, Lord of War
Raasaa, Lord of the Exchequer/Imperator

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Top Posters In This Topic

You guys are just like NPO, with your lopsided wars, and treaty-honoring and whatnot.

Welcome to the fray, NV. It's a pleasure to fight alongside old friends once again.


You and FOK are fighting Invicta together.

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[quote name='Thrash' date='05 February 2010 - 11:39 PM' timestamp='1265431166' post='2162932']
That's how many on us now? :facepalm:
No complaining until you beat Karma and pass 7. Which you may have done, but whatever. :P

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