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Trashcat's Corner: A Single Tear Shed, For He Did So Love Planet Bob

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As Stumpy sheds a single tear for Planet Bob...


Vanguard Propaganda King Presents:


(Image by SkyGreenChick of TOP)

DISCLAIMER: This thread includes actual thought, intelligence, a distinct lack of "nou," and disappointment with all sides, if you are currently involved, or have been responsible in any way, for the current conflict in any way you should avoid this thread at all costs.

Gramlins Goes Commando

The Aqua cool kids in Gramlins announced one hell of a move recently declaring the termination of all of their treaties but the eternal-super-duper-awesome treaty they hold with MHA (see: Harmlins). While there was a lot of international backlash over the move, I applaud it. Think of how much of the treaty web just got cleared up. At least 6 lines… >_> More importantly this marked a huge blow to the NS count of Citadel as well as a general realignment of the bloc. While Citadel has seen member change before, Gramlins and TOP have always been, in most peoples eyes, the very heart of the group as well as the two main founders. I, for one, am sad to see a prince die but I wish my friends in Gramlins luck in their new path.

Big Ole E-Peen: MOTU Style

Whats it like for a 200k NS nation to go rogue? Well just ask MOTU, a economic powerhouse up until recently who just went rogue on the world. While it appears the reasoning behind the move mostly has to do with the Gramlins cancellations, it was interesting to see just how much a nation of that size can do. Then he didn’t really attack anyone but Ramirus and I got kind of bored. I mean, for real, I wanted to see two man cannons go to town on each other. But whatevers, still pretty cool stuff.


TOP Gets FOKellation? I Don’t Know, I Got Nothing

These past weeks witnessed the end of its second historic treaty cancellation, with FOK cancelling its long time treaty with The Order of the Paradox. Many viewed this as one of the strongest treaties in the world, as many had viewed the Gramlins – TOP treaty, and were shocked to see this cancellation come about. I, for one, was not terribly shocked by the decision, as tensions between the two’s FA course had become more apparent with each waking day. However, it was still sad to see the cancellation of such an iconic treaty and my best wishes go out to FOK and TOP.

I Got A Complaint For You

Complaints and Grievances lowered its standards this past week when it announced the acceptance of the Orange Defense Network to its numbers. More like the Optional Defense Network, amirite? I don’t actually have much to say about this other than it was the logical next step. ODN has made it clear that it stands with C&G and it seems the entire world knows that they have no choice but to accept that commitment. In many ways ODN has burned too many bridges (both on accident and by choice) to go back now. However, the have proven to be great allies and C&G welcomes them with open arms. So welcome to the abyss, ODN, leave your sanity at the door.

\m/ Gives A Lesson in Civility

Our dear metal friends showed how to be truly diplomatic this week when they launched racial slurs at government of the New Polar Order (the Emperor of all people) right in their public channel. Now, I don’t know about you, but I don’t recall this move being in the “Diplomacy For Dummies” Guide, which makes me think that \m/ hasn’t read it. Ignoring “right” and “wrong” it is just stupid. Why would you think that was an intelligent thing to do? However, while it is stupid, people need to think about this for a second. The fact is that if you don’t want to see comments like that, don’t enter their chan that’s on a completely different server. That’s like joining the MK private chan and being shocked by how many inappropriate jokes you hear. While it may be stupid, there comes a point when you need to have the common sense to avoid the places that may offend you.

I, King of Purple, Proclaim My Great Justice

My reign over Purple expanded last night when Vanguard announced that it would be treatying all of the Stickmen bloc. While this created a lot of hooplah, which I don’t wish to actually comment on, I would like to just say that it was all a master plan, set in motion by me, to expand my domain over the purple sphere once and for all. Praise be to my most righteous throne!


(Image by rsoxbronco)

Now For the Main Event: Told In Three Parts

The Prologue: \m/, GOONS, and PC are Completely Incompetent

The short story is that \m/, GOONS, and Poison Clan decided to raid a 30 man alliance called FoA. Now, I am certainly not the morality voice of Planet Bob and I don’t want to be. However, I acknowledge that some things are just plain stupid and probably shouldn’t be done, regardless of whether it makes sense in a ethical way. One of these exact situations involves raiding a 30+ man alliance. While I am not one to say whether raiding is right or wrong, I do acknowledge that it has a rightful existence on this planet through precedent alone. However, while it may exist, it also has a set of rules that have also become precedent that legitimize it for those rulers stricken with a sense of morality. One of these is that you should not raid an AA when it gets to a certain size. Now, I can sit hear and listen to arguments of why a 5 – 15 man alliance should be open game if not protected and probably just drool at how stupid your argument is. In my opinion, if you join an alliance you should not have to worry about being raided at all (especially since the most common response to nations getting raided is “ZOMG JOIN AN ALLIANCE”) but that’s just me. However, all these arguments don’t even begin to justify raiding a 30 man alliance just because their protector just dropped them. Not only is that opportunistic but it’s also just poor form and pretty much idiotic. Match this with the fact that Polaris almost started a war with the entire Complaints and Grievances bloc just two months ago and you have to start wondering if you are making the right decision when you declare war on those nations. Simply put, use your head. There is no excuse for you to be raiding a 30 man alliance and there is no justifiable reasoning for it either. Point of my long and drawn out story is you are all !@#$@#$ idiots for thinking that was an acceptable course of action and by doing so you risked the image and the integrity of all your allies. You should be ashamed.


The Intermission: Enter the Voice of God On Bob

So I have set the stage for the glorifying stupid Shakespearean drama that is about to commence. Grub took a look at what \m/ was doing and decided that he would not let the little man get kicked around anymore. The problem is that the whole situation had actually come to a close and an agreement had been struck between the aggrieved parties. FoA was being protected by the Corporation, the 3 raiders had backed down, and everyone was done. However, this was not enough for the Emperor of the New Polar Order, who had no reason to be involved in the settled situation whatsoever, and he inserted himself into the scenario threatening \m/ with war. Now, this presents a problem since \m/ is a treaty partner of Ragnarok, who also happens to hold an MDP with Polaris. However, Grub didn’t really care about this and preceded to carry on with what he was doing. Now, you must be asking, why didn’t Grub threaten GOONS and PC with war? Well the answer is simple: GOONS and PC have treaties. Polaris said that they settled the issue diplomatically, but as far as I’ve seen neither of the other two alliances have had any reprocussions, which is kind of funny considering it was GOONS who asked \m/ to come along, but I digress. Well things begin to get even more heated as a very stubborn “no u” fest starts to take place. Grub wants \m/ to give up raiding nations with an alliance affiliation and \m/ wants Grub to stay out of their business. This debate continues with allies on both sides asking each party to take a step back and not do anything rash. Luckily, rash is Grub’s middle name and he proceeds to declare on \m/.


Lets take a step back real quick. \m/ deserved to be talked to, cancelled on, confronted, or pushed to pay reps for what they did with FoA. So did GOONS and Poison Clan. However, attacking a smaller alliance who is treatied to your MDoAP partner over a raid is complete bull !@#$. You not only put your treaty partners in a very bad situation, but you also put all those connected to them in one too. By declaring a war that would almost certainly spread over a CB that doesn’t actually concern you, you forced the hands of many people who consider themselves your friends. On top of that, you took barely any real diplomatic steps towards settling this conflict since you started the whole negotiation process off with threats and accusations. Not to mention, you only targeted the smallest alliance of the group and did nothing to your own allies (since you are still allied to GOONS) or those that are actually connected. If you actually wanted to make a stand you would do so against all those that are in the wrong and not just the ones you see as most easily taken advantage of. My point is, \m/ is extremely stupid for doing what they did but so are you for damaging the integrity of your alliance, and your allies, over a rash decision that can hardly be seen as “fair.”

The Final Act: !@#$ Gets Real

The end of the story is FOK and co. declare on Polaris in the defense of Poison Clan and \m/. What really gets me about this is that it simply resolves nothing. Both Polaris and \m/ are still wailing on each other, as stubborn as can be, and now their allies will almost assuredly suffer for it. \m/: You should have accepted the terms given to you, for no other reason than to not put your allies at risk. Polaris: You should have declared peace before you let this get out of hand, since now you are no longer even proving your point. FOK and PC: You are the only ones I really can sympathize with since I don’t see you as having any real choice. You had the spirit and the wording of your treaties to attend to. However, what really gets me is all the Polar members claiming that it is FOK who is escalating this conflict. They are claiming that since Polar said they wouldn’t call in their allies if \m/ and PC took their beating that its not their fault that the war is expanding. That doesn’t really make sense. Just because you said, “HEY WE WONT BRING IN OUR ALLIES IF WE ARE ALLOWED TO KICK THE !@#$ OUT OF YOUR MUCH SMALLER FRIENDS” doesn’t mean that FOK is the one starting the war by helping them. You put FOK in the position where they had to either let their friends burn, or enter the fray, and that is your fault not theirs. This reminds me of when TOP and co. said that if any alliance in Friends>Infra nuked in the NoCB war, it would be that alliances fault for all of our coalition getting nuked afterwards. That’s just not how these things work. You chose to bring yourself into conflict with Poison Clan by attacking \m/ and its not FOK’s fault that they wouldn’t hang them out to dry, regardless of what your ultimatum is. Polaris wouldn’t be ok with TOP rolling NSO and declaring: “We wont bring in Citadel if you don’t activate your treaty but if you do you are starting the war.” That just doesn’t make any sort of legal or ethical sense. Simply put: stop whining and accept the dominos you put into play. You started this expecting to get some easy shots and FOK decided that was wrong, just like you decided that \m/ attacking FoA was deserving of attack. In many ways, it’s the same situation of an alliance following what they think is right against an aggressor. The only difference is FOK actually has treaty obligations that can be fulfilled by doing it. In the end, I honestly hope that all of those involved in starting this (that means you Polaris and \m/) get a harsh beat down that they deserve for wasting all of our time with their nonsense. This really is the stupid war to ever grace this planet.


In the end, the saddest part about this conflict is how easily it could have been avoided. Had any of those involved thought for a second about their allies they could have ended this whole mess with just a few words. If anyone involved had just let their egos go for 5 seconds all of this could have been avoided and you wouldn’t see allies preparing to oppose allies. But instead egotistical men got the better of good alliances and now we find ourselves on the edge of a global war that no one really wants to fight. I hope you are all proud of yourselves because the rational few only feel disappointment.

A NEW Way to Look at the MADP

The alliance NEW refused to activate their MADP with TPF after the current conflict began this week marking an all time low for treaties on Planet Bob. Well, not really, since it seems to happen all the time, but its still sad none the less. An MADP is not something you sign with a light heart. You sign it if you have every intention of supporting that alliance in everything they do. That means their screw ups too, people. However, by refusing to do just that you have proven that what you sign means nothing to you in the end, and that will do more damage to your alliance than any combat would have. If you didn’t intend to stand by them in AGGRESSION and defense than you should have signed an MDoAP. Instead, you have shown disgrace by refusing to help an ally that you are legally obligated to protect. Congratulations guys, you have found an all time low.

Well that’s it for my grumpy rambling and my equally depraved mind. I hope you all enjoyed the read and stay tuned for next time (whenever that maybe). This is Stumpy signing out for Trashcat’s Corner.


(Image by Jonathan Brookbank)

Alliance of the Week Goes to…

Poison Clan! You guys stood by \m/ when it looked like you’d be the only ones. That’s honor if I’ve ever seen it.

Announcement of the Week Goes to…

ODN Joining C&G! I couldn’t give it to a thread about the war because they are all so damn stupid.

Poster of the Week Goes to…

Seerow! God you are a dick but I love it.

Player of the Week Goes to…

Almighty Grub! I think that’s pretty self explanatory.


(Image by rsoxbronco)

Worst Poster of the Week Goes to…

Almost Every Single \m/ Poster! Seriously guys, you aren’t doing your side any favors.

Thread of the Week Goes to…

Schattenmann! Seriously this thread is pure gold. http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=78926

Shout Out of the Week Goes to…

Denial! Good to see the LUE name back in action. LUE Scum.

Funniest Poster of the Week Goes to…

Mpol! Cause I couldn’t think of anyone else and his posts don’t make my eyes bleed! You are all awful.

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I like the "and I am a jerk" part. That was funny.

Your other adaptation fails. As I stated last night, we didn't care about synchronizing the rush, we decided to do it a bit differently and thought it would be fun and funny. For the most part that was a success. When the opponent is 90% offline at update why not have fun with it? Bottom line, our rush sucked but it wasn't an issue because we didn't care and because even with the crappiness of our declarations we still hit pretty much everyone that we actually could since we have a lot of small nations. So meh.

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I like the "and I am a jerk" part. That was funny.

Your other adaptation fails. As I stated last night, we didn't care about synchronizing the rush, we decided to do it a bit differently and thought it would be fun and funny. For the most part that was a success. When the opponent is 90% offline at update why not have fun with it? Bottom line, our rush sucked but it wasn't an issue because we didn't care and because even with the crappiness of our declarations we still hit pretty much everyone that we actually could since we have a lot of small nations. So meh.

I just posted the picture from the propaganda thread. But fair enough. :)

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IC: Some rubbish about this being slander. I don't really know.

OOC: This is really fantastic. Keep up this kind of work, even if it slanders me and mine. Pieces like this, whether in a series or otherwise, are examples of the Cybernations community at its very best.

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This is possibly the best summary ever written about this little catastrophy. Both sides in this were wrong and now they're dragging their allies into a fight over a peeing contest.

At the end of the day, I hope that everyone abides by their treaties and fights for their allies, but it really should not have gotten to this point. A good ally does not drag their ally into fights that could have been avoided by taking some time for common sense.

Edited by Duncan King
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