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  1. The legions of the Moralist Front stand ready should Shantamantan and his brave soldier(s) request our assistance in dealing with this threat. Hail the Cult!
  2. [quote name='Rebel Virginia' date='30 June 2010 - 05:35 PM' timestamp='1277933708' post='2355738'] [color="#0000FF"]Nice grouping. RED only has two nations in my range anyway (pathetically small alliance). I am sure adding TMF will be sure to add to my inevitable fun.[/color] [/quote] Throw yourself off a bridge.
  3. [quote name='flak attack' date='30 June 2010 - 05:36 PM' timestamp='1277933744' post='2355739'] I chuckled [/quote] Not even furious editing could prevent the embarrassment.
  4. [center][img]http://img51.imageshack.us/img51/5633/tmflagresize.png[/img][img]http://img705.imageshack.us/img705/378/redresize.png[/img][/center] The Moralist Front and Red Elite Defence have gotten to know each other quite well through our partnership on the Red sphere. We've certainly known many of RED's members throughout a number of alliances and have always found them to be steadfast and reliable friends. To that end we have forged this treaty: [center][u]Commumoralist Syndicalism Treaty[/u][/center] ARTICLE I Both alliances agree to be respectful to one another in public and priva
  5. [quote name='Ramirus Maximus' date='30 June 2010 - 03:02 PM' timestamp='1277924559' post='2355457'] It was my oversight, not theirs, as you well know since I told you directly. Their mistake was in leaking it, which isn't a big deal since everyone has seen the corrected version now, and just about everyone agrees with it. [/quote] I feel, and this may be a stretch, like you used my alliance's name in a legal document without consulting me. I assure you that we have a number of objections to your proposed amendment.
  6. That's funny, I don't recall giving my agreement to those terms.
  7. My, my, my. What [i]is[/i] all this fuss about?
  8. Ramirus' assertions about the nature of diplomacy in our world display either a severe lack of experience in the area or an intentional misrepresentation of the truth. That said, I'm sad to see a once great alliance dying at the hands of an incapable egomaniac.
  9. I'd just like to confirm deSouza's assertion that the Moralist Front will be protecting the NLF AA. This is sad to hear, and we wish you all good luck wherever you end up.
  11. [quote name='Sardonic' date='27 June 2010 - 10:41 PM' timestamp='1277692879' post='2352386'] Tech raiding, if done properly, has virtually no chance of starting a war. Of course, this all hinges on the "if done properly". Really though, is that the best you can do to justify this vile act? [/quote] I don't want to give you a victory by responding, but I feel like some of the slower members of our audience might be confused at this point. You see everyone, this statement is humorous because tech raiding has a 100% chance of starting a war, that war being between the raider and raidee. A
  12. [quote name='Sardonic' date='27 June 2010 - 10:37 PM' timestamp='1277692631' post='2352380'] The difference being one is accepted by standard international law, [b]the other in many cases can constitute an act of war.[/b] [/quote] I can never tell if you're trying to make your arguments intentionally laughable.
  13. Yes, almost as rude as destroying someone else's hard work for no good reason.
  14. [quote name='Neo Uruk' date='27 June 2010 - 09:34 PM' timestamp='1277688839' post='2352348'] So basically you're GOONS, except you take an anti-raiding stance. Most raiders tell their targets how to get peace. [/quote] You have no idea what you're talking about, which is to be expected. Feel free to hit me up on IRC if you'd like to discuss this issue in detail.
  15. [quote name='Neo Uruk' date='27 June 2010 - 09:00 PM' timestamp='1277686836' post='2352327'] Wow FotS actually does something? [/quote] We're the only people who do.
  16. [quote name='Felix von Agnu' date='23 June 2010 - 05:26 PM' timestamp='1277328401' post='2348051'] You haven't actually answered my question. Nice job though. Does the protection cease to have validity if the aggressions occur two minutes before the agreement? How about three, or four, or five, or so on? Where do you draw this arbitrary line? [/quote] I drew my arbitrary line at one minute. Would you care to share with us where you'd like to draw yours? It should be abundantly obvious to you why my request was entirely reasonable, if you have any trouble comprehending why I consider a p
  17. [quote name='Felix von Agnu' date='23 June 2010 - 05:17 PM' timestamp='1277327836' post='2348039'] I'll answer yours if you answer mine. [/quote] When a nation being raided joins an alliance that alliance will politely ask the nations raiding it to stop. The protection that any contract offers, whether it be in a treaty or in a contractually bound group of nations, does not cease to have validity because the initial actions of an aggressor occurred one minute before the agreement was publicly announced.
  18. [quote name='Felix von Agnu' date='23 June 2010 - 05:12 PM' timestamp='1277327513' post='2348025'] In moralism land, when someone commits an act and it is later made illegal, do you arrest them? [/quote] If a tree falls in a forest and alerts a raiding nation to the existence of a microalliance, does he say please before he destroys that alliance needlessly?
  19. [quote name='General Scipio' date='23 June 2010 - 04:11 PM' timestamp='1277323871' post='2347959'] You my good friend. [/quote] You must have me confused with someone else. Please, let's not derail this topic any further.
  20. [quote name='General Scipio' date='23 June 2010 - 04:06 PM' timestamp='1277323583' post='2347951'] Irrelevant. What kind of a protector would you be if you let something as trivial as timing stop you? [/quote] What kind of crazy person would say something like that?
  21. [quote name='General Scipio' date='23 June 2010 - 03:51 PM' timestamp='1277322673' post='2347935'] Well then I expect you to declare war on Kronos and NEW, as I believe they have techraided your protectorate in the past. Though it was several weeks ago, who cares about time, right man? [/quote] Have you heard the parable of the overextended analogy?
  22. [quote name='Sardonic' date='23 June 2010 - 03:46 PM' timestamp='1277322363' post='2347929'] Ah, well done. I see that it is indeed valid, then. You wouldn't forge somebody's signature onto a document though, would you? I would hate to see somebody with such respect for international law as you being so lackadaisical with it. [/quote] Never, never. The concerned parties were contacted and had their agreement obtained well in advance of this convenient public signing. Thanks for your understanding, I appreciate your ability to control your members as always.
  23. [quote name='Sardonic' date='23 June 2010 - 03:39 PM' timestamp='1277321978' post='2347919'] Yeah, no, you want them to stop, get the other party to sign. [/quote] Perhaps you should have actually read the treaty, it clearly includes the relevant signatures of the second party. My dear Sardonic, I believe you are losing your touch. [quote name='General Scipio' date='23 June 2010 - 03:42 PM' timestamp='1277322158' post='2347925'] I'm the only GOONS nation tech raiding United Foundation, and I attacked before your "protectorate" was signed. [/quote] Irrelevant. What kind of protector wou
  24. [quote name='Sardonic' date='23 June 2010 - 03:36 PM' timestamp='1277321780' post='2347912'] You better believe it, if we started recognizing one way protectorates, what's to stop one alliance from unilaterally declaring every last microalliance protected by them? [/quote] Practicality, I imagine. Or you could stop raiding alliances altogether. What a crazy idea! Regardless, I ask you now as I have in the past to get your boy(s) off my protectorate.
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