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  1. Tbh if CCC didnt want religion to be brought into the IC realm then they shouldn't have made an IC alliance. Its kind of silly to claim that a fake religious group declaring on a fake religious group is somehow offensive in the OOC realm.
  2. Sweet, shoot me a message if you do please, i enjoy reading your stuff

  3. Im thinking about it. Not really sure though.

  4. You gonna do Trashcat's Corner soon? Please?

  5. Its also still just spam. No matter which way you throw it having a bunch of people rush a topic, spamming it, is not any better than what MK posters did here.
  6. I honestly have never seen people try so hard to sympathize with an unwarranted aggressive action before. Its really pretty sweet.
  7. Yes because them spamming the first thread with "NUTS" was very mature. The "stop being immature" argument doesn't really work here.
  8. Haha, that ski free picture was hilarious. I remember that game. SoOOOO Old.

  9. Purple is slacking off. I expect better of you.

  10. Where is the King of Purple from?

  11. My God man. Well, if the masses could get me a trade circle I might consider caring again.
  12. The next Trashcat's Corner is up in the air. Not all that much to write about these days.
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