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  1. Holy !@#$. He was a great enemy and an awesome person in the two times I spoke to him. This really is a loss for this game. Rest in peace.
  2. [quote name='Buds The Man' timestamp='1334849688' post='2955756'] PC needs to be on that list. Even though we would always end up fighting in the end it was more for fun than true hatred at least that is how I always felt. I would defend Kronos posistion on the list they were a great AA that left well before its time should have been up. Athens in my mind should be a top 5 on this list. No matter if you loved them or hated them they stirred the pot very well. TDSM8 needs to be much higher. I miss stumpy. [/quote] Howdy.
  3. [quote name='rsoxbronco1' timestamp='1322837995' post='2859373'] Everyone may be legends, but the Trashcat is the true hero of cybernations. [/quote] Trashcat has long become old, grumpy, and forgotten. Also, HAI RSOX.
  4. I don't know if he's been mentioned but Daemon banned member played a huge role in setting up the Unjust Path. Also, obviously Tygaland.
  5. All the people who self nominated are the best.
  6. Needs more Stumpy shout outs. Gonna miss you bud.
  7. Just to clarify: TDSM8 disbanded and we all went to Vanguard. Not MK. But Vanguard would eventually merge with MK so that's why we ended up here.
  8. [quote name='RandomInterrupt' timestamp='1316556747' post='2804721'] You aren't alone. All that has changed is the willingness of the NPO to be used, and the willingness of others to use the NPO. In a years time or so the NPO will be back to its previous pariah status and everyone will suddenly remember their myriad of past crimes. I guess that makes you a forward thinker! [/quote] At this point, past crimes aside, I don't understand it because the last thing this world needs is to lose another one of its strongest, and last, real rivalries.
  9. [quote name='Ardus' timestamp='1316555362' post='2804693'] See: Blacky's postings for the last few pages. [/quote] I mean... do I have to?
  10. This conversation is really funny. Am I the only one who was apart of C&G that still doesn't like NPO? I mean, no offense Pacifica, but where's the fun in changing a rivalry that works? It just works better this way for the both of us I think.
  11. [quote name='The Corrupt Teacher' timestamp='1316412351' post='2803558'] I'm glad to finally see all this hard work finally paid off. Score one for TLR and NPO. Also probably the first time I've ever said this but o/NPO! [/quote] I don't understand.
  12. [quote name='ChairmanHal' timestamp='1312466183' post='2771775'] I find this treaty very pleasing so I am posting this message in support of it. [/quote] I wish for my post to show the exact opposite opinion of the one above it.
  13. [quote name='HeroofTime55' timestamp='1308259697' post='2732632'] If you want to see a real alliance that evolved past being a vassal state, look at Polaris. iFOK never achieved separation, was never able to leave the nest and achieve flight as an independent alliance. [/quote] You do realize how long it took for Polaris to make a move away from Pacifica, right?
  14. Your nuke ratio isn't even good. I don't get it.
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