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  1. How do you find 40 things to talk about in a day?

  2. For a password protected channel /ns ajoin add #channel password should work. In terms of Windows IRC clients, I like Chatzilla (in the Firefox App) or X Chat. In Mac, Colloquy and Adium are great. Most clients let you write out a string of commands to do when you open the program. This is how I write mine out: /nick Yournick /msg nickserv identify password /join #channel1 /join #channel2 /join #channel3 /join #channel4 password /join #channel5 password I use a list of commands instead of an autojoin list because the autojoin and nick commands are processed by different parts of the IRC server and sometimes are processed one after another. If the autojoin list is processed before your identify command is, you can end up being kicked from restricted access channels because the access lists only work when you're identified with nickserv (/nickserv identify password). Using a command list and explicitly putting the identify code before the join keeps this from happening.
  3. To answer your question in the title: no, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. We are in the third decade of the internet. How many websites that were around in the 1990s are still in existence? Hell, how many websites that were around in the early 2000s are still around now? The Internet is not a real place and exists only in electronically coded 1s and 0s. It is unsubstantial and is constantly changing but that's the nature of the beast. New communities are constantly springing up, growing, and fading (whether it be by a natural decline of users or by outside purchases). Cyber Nations has been around 5 years, It's natural that it has seen member fluctuations and I would not be surprised if it is eventually shut down or bought. The same cycle of growth and decline has struck other online games like Warcraft and NS.
  4. Duncan King


    LOL at someone still being the age to be grounded. I hope whatever you did was worth it.
  5. Check your ingames, your forum PMs are full.

  6. You have a great taste in books! The Animorphs series got reissued this year, so it may not be long dead for long. I liked Seerow as well. Who was your favorite Animorph?
  7. I tried reading this but my attention span is too short. What are your terms from GOD? Usually, people that hurt Xiph's feelings get EZI.
  8. Because although I profoundly disagreed with many of your IC actions, it was never OOC or personal. When an active player leaves the game, everyone loses.

  9. Good luck on the flip side. Have fun with GOONS!

  10. What's the link to your alliance guide?

  11. Where have you been?

  12. Duncan King

    Stop pluralizing it.

    Did your emperor tell you you could say that? Admin forbid you have an independent thought. The groupthink and obvious prostration you guys display is just disgusting. I can understand groveling on your own forums, but your ambassadors seem to think they have to grovel in their embassies abroad, too. It's disgusting.
  13. Duncan King

    Stop pluralizing it.

    Personally, I use the term "Order" to mean any and all of the N_Os (Pacific, Polar, and Sith). To me, the word order in the "Order" sense means a certain kind of alliance with a certain (negative) connotation; specifically a totalitarian dictatorship headed by an emperor and populated by mindless drones and sycophants who live only to serve their emperor. As for what the Orders as alliances actually do, in my experience, Orders have no allies, only tools and patsies that they use to advance their own positions at the expense of everyone and everything else. So yes, I think grouping the three of you together is fair. You're all the same. And even though I'm technically fighting on the side of NpPO, a part of me is happy to see you take damage. I'm also extremely happy that my alliance is not allied to any Order.
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