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  1. Duncan King

    Argent Announcement

    [quote name='D34th' timestamp='1339381804' post='2980519'] Poor VE, first was TOP, now Argent, nobody like them anymore [/quote] VE still has god on their side, I think they'll be fine.
  2. Duncan King

    Having withdrawals....

    [quote name='supercoolyellow' timestamp='1339400961' post='2980700'] Which both remind of Pandora's Box which I didn't know would soon exist.... until some one mentioned it to me. [/quote] Don't it always seem to go that you don't know what you've got til its gone? They paved paradise and withdrew from the bloc.
  3. Duncan King

    No Church in the Wild

    [quote name='Zoomzoomzoom' timestamp='1339098192' post='2978856'] Would you please stay on topic? Thank you [/quote] I know one thing: CSN's warchests make me feel good about my own $500 million one. And really, why CSN? What's the point?
  4. Duncan King

    No Church in the Wild

    I'm all for your right to go on the crazy train, Zoom, but why bring me along for the ride? You're taking away from my bird food budget (for feeding the pigeons near my park bench). Edit: and why CSN?
  5. Duncan King

    Warchest poll

    I've never gotten above 10,0000 infra so I've never gotten to the stage where the money really rolls in. I was at 1 billion before the last two wars but I'm at 350 million now due to infra buys and being on day 17 of a sled.
  6. Duncan King

    A Bal Masqué announcement

    That was quick. I hope it goes well for all involved.
  7. Duncan King

    Confessions of an Alliance Hopper

    [quote name='Rotavele' timestamp='1338909514' post='2977528'] They all hate me. [/quote] I doubt that they have a formal opinion of you, negative or otherwise. Although they act as a unit in public, alliances are composed of individuals and individuals rarely agree 100%. Also, no offense but I doubt that these alliances have a "Rotavele policy." [quote name='Auctor' timestamp='1338913224' post='2977567'] There's a lot of truth to the common denominator thing. Life is too short and cyberverse is too big not to vote with your feet every now and then, but you won't ever be home anywhere you don't want to be. [/quote] And unfortunately, if you move too often, people start to think you're flakey. I'd still say that if you're not happy, you should move but keep in mind that it makes you look flakey when you move too much.
  8. Duncan King

    Confessions of an Alliance Hopper

    If you weren't an alliance leader, I'd say that you should get out now because life is too short to be unhappy. CN is a game and if you're in a group where the game is not fun anymore, then you're not doing anyone any favors. I've been in 7 alliances in my 5 years here so I do a bit of hopping myself. I usually get bored after a year of being in the same place. There's nothing wrong with having been in more than one alliance and personally, I'd take the viewpoint of a person who has been in more than one alliance more seriously than someone who has only been in one. Even though we all play the same game, people here tend to be very isolated from each other because people only spend a couple hours here a day and it's natural for them to want to spend time with people who they can have the most fun with. Your being an alliance leader has its own problems. When you became an alliance leader, you took responsibility for your future members. You owe it to them to make sure that their transition to a new home is smooth. However, I'm not saying that you shouldn't leave your new alliance if you're not happy. I've been government in alliances where I wasn't happy and it's bad for everyone. It was bad for me because I wasn't having any fun and it was bad for my constituents because they were getting bad policies. As I was writing this response, I thought of this study: [spoiler][img]http://i242.photobucket.com/albums/ff120/duncanking/presidents.png[/img][/spoiler] [url="http://academic.regis.edu/jriley/414%20presidential_character.htm"]Source[/url] The best Presidents have been Active Positives. They were good at their jobs and liked doing them. The most problematic have been Active Negatives. They hated their jobs but did them out of a sense of duty. Positive Passives and Negative Passives aren't really engaged enough to cause serious issues. Not that I'd ever have the time but it would be interesting to group CN alliance leaders on this continuum. In your case, I think you're probably a Passive Positive. You seem to care quite a bit about how people feel about you, maybe more than you should (you created this topic even though the most likely outcome is you getting attacked for posting it) I aspire for Active Positive but I most often fit into Active Negative or Passive Negative.
  9. Duncan King

    The Amazing Sanction Race

    [quote name='shahenshah' timestamp='1338479078' post='2975154'] This has been noted for when the IRON age resumes. [/quote] You guys have more members than any other alliance. It's already your world, the rest of us just live in it.
  10. Duncan King

    The Amazing Sanction Race

    Although I am obligate to remain as neutral as possible, some of my favorite people in the game are in NG so I am going to take the liberty of saying... Go NG! Go NG! Gooooooooooooooo! /not the official position of my alliance.
  11. How do you find 40 things to talk about in a day?

  12. Duncan King

    Click limit

    I have heard of people emailing/pming Admin and asking for their click limits to be reset. You could try that. However, two hours of lead time before update probably isn't enough warning for him to do anything.
  13. Duncan King

    The Amazing Sanction Race

    Grey Council had a ghost yesterday who was on the AA just long enough to be recorded in the stats. Unfortunately, that was long enough to end our streak without a loss.
  14. Duncan King

    Nukapalooza 2012!

    Happy anniversary guys. Here's hoping you continue to proliferate your nukes in the future. [OOC]I keep reading the topic of this thread as "Nunkapalooza" and thinking someone founded a "3 Stooges" based alliance (which would be awesome!).[/OOC]
  15. Duncan King

    Rise of the Helghast

    Good luck with this Silent! Have fun!