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Mushroom Kingdom FA Clean-Up


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Dear Bob,

Im lazy, but if you have an embassy with us and it hasn't been used in the last 45 days....It will be deleted no later than Sunday.

That is all.



Mushroom Kingdom Lord High Envoy

tl:dr Embassies often go for months with out being posted in and we really need to clean those up. So if you have one with the Kingdom you have till Sunday to make it active or it will be deleted by me and my staff. Thank you for your time and also for reading the tl;dr.

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I'll go post there so our embassy doesn't get deleted. -_-

Sorry we have neglected our embassy so much.

Airme forgot the rule where you have to have 1000 new posts and 20 new topics within the last 45 days, your embassy only has about 720 posts and 12 topics from that period

Edited by Azaghul
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Don't you have one in our seekrit shadow gov forums?

No, He lost it to me in a poker game. I had wagered the dozen PMSing latinas that I pay to come up with my rapier wit on IRC.

I need an elargement to my en-suite bathroom in the Shadow-Gov building.

PS: Joracy, what are these forums you speak of? Certainly you are not speaking out of character in the IC section in the Open World RP.

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