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  1. Funny, I've owned a few Acers, they all worked better than my Dells and replacement parts for the A/C adapter or battery were fractions of the price. For instance, my e1505 dell went through something like 3 or 4 adapters in 4 years, each one costing over $100 first-party or $50+ 3rd party and each being easier to break than the last (was a bad design on the computer-side plug) while my latest Acer cost me a whopping $12 shipped for an extra adapter for the office and batteries are something like 1/10th to 1/8th the cost. While these are anecdotal, I have friends with cheaper Acers (I have also have a cheap one, the as1410, an 11.6" model they used to sell) and none of them have had any problems. I think the problem is we rely too heavily on brand names when it comes to computers. When I buy a new TV, I don't go buy a random Sony because it has the Sony logo on it, I go online, I do my research and I buy the best model for the buck, with brand only affecting it slightly (mainly just avoid brands that I have had bad experiences with during customer service situations) and I think most smart consumers would probably do the same thing. However, when it comes to computers, it seems like many people are simply brand zombies, painting some as "good brands" and some as "bad brands" based mostly on anecdotal evidence or gut reactions.
  2. We will take Oklahoma as a buffer state, after the Second Texas Revolution.
  3. I've seen the term "Islamist" used to refer specifically to muslims using Islam in a political way but I still agree that not all Islamists, even under that definition, are terrorists. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Islamism
  4. Great blog dude, I think you are truly onto something. Umbrella must be really getting weak and unorganized now. I think an all-out blitz against their top tier to give the coup de grace is in order to truly capitalize on this opportunity. I heard their predecessor alliance disbanded in war too, so maybe they'll disband when they realize they can't win.
  5. No way don't you remember when everyone followed parliamentary procedure and all the alliances got along and no one cheated each other and the harshest word used was "idiot" and everyone knew how to use semicolons properly and no one spelled incorrectly, and the handouts grew on bushes and you sleep out every night Where the boxcars all are empty and the sun shined every day And the birds and the bees And the cigarette trees The lemonade springs Where the bluebird sings In the Big Rock Candy Mountains.
  6. smoking kush right now
  7. How long do carriers typically stay "in-repair" for? Does it seem odd to have nearly half out of commission at the moment?
  8. mrcalkin


    For what it's worth I've rerolled more times than I can count but have never been away from the game more than 3 months after Karma, and I know there are plenty of old-timers who are in the same boat. It's pretty easy to hit a month or two where you can't really find the reason to login, so I disagree with the idea that rerolls aren't going to have a significant effect on these statistics, especially the one looking at those still around from GW3 (how many people left after UjW and came back? Karma?)
  9. mrcalkin

    Zanga zanga

    I guess I find it funny to the extent that it ridicules how over the top he is as a character. I guess I see it similar to people who photoshop Hitler speeches, just more relevant.
  10. mrcalkin

    Changes in TE

    That's the key word you missed there imo. Basically depending on which resources you are arbitrarily assigned on day 1, when you can be fully expected to not really understand the benefits/disadvantages of having one resource or another, you can be permanently crippled or permanently on easy street just by chance. I have known many who have quit this game over trade-related conflicts and most had traditionally undesirable resources. I, on the other hand, got lucky with my first nation and had pigs/sugar and have been lucky with subsequent rerolling efforts so that I have never really had a problem.
  11. There are a few things that seem this way (e.g. legalization of Marijuana, same-sex marriages) I just hope the inevitable happens sooner rather than later.
  12. mrcalkin

    Re: Hot Hot Heat

    I wouldn't get all bent out of shape about it all the time. One of my roommates is very skinny and has gone to various nutritionists and doctors for years to try to gain weight with only small successes. I know it causes her quite a bit of pain and anguish to have people throw the term anorexic at her at every turn. Let's also not forget that the photographer posed this girl in such a way to make her look skinnier and smaller than she actually is (see the weird way she is curved and stretched out, for instance). Basically, we all can agree eating disorders are a bad thing, but I also think people are really not understanding the situation if they believe its entirely media-based or that all skinny people have eating disorders. Eating disorders are often the result of mental disorders and conditions, and it really should be treated as such. I would prefer if magazines didn't promote it as much as they do, but I really can't blame them for influencing people with problems or assume every naturally skinny girl has an eating problem. edit: I kind of rambled on here, but I guess what I really meant to say was that images like this are only but one part of the problem. There are a lot of factors to something like this, and even just assuming this girl is anorexic because she's famous and in a magazine could be short-sighted.
  13. we can do it in massachusetts

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