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  1. Your information is bad. I know for a fact we fought more than four alliances that war. M*A*S*H in particular disbanded shortly after we were through with them. I guess you weren't really paying attention though. True, most alliances we declared on that war were only hit by small amounts of nations (10 or so) since most of our guys were out of range, but we were also heavily restricted since the primary combatants were two of our traditionally-closest allies. The hit on TSO was particularly controversial since we were hitting one of TOP's direct treaty partners. MK was (rightly IMO) mad at us
  2. Needs more !@#$%*ing, only 7 pages of half-assed FUD so far
  3. Great to see us treatied! You guys definitely got a lot of accolades from everyone who had run into you before.
  4. [quote name='Roquentin' timestamp='1335087224' post='2957056'] Oh. Is there like an alliance size cap? Or is it just protected nations that are off-limits? Like I remember you praising the Spartan intervention in the AGW thing. Might make sense for NATO to have like guidelines. Like raiding in Umbrella has really strict guidelines. No raiding alliances above 12 members and no raiding without gov approval. [/quote] While it doesn't affect your point, Umbrella has recently amended our charter so that raids are fully at the discretion of the President and Field Marshal alone with no added s
  5. [quote name='Roquentin' timestamp='1332530303' post='2942257'] How about you take your own advice, mrcalkin? [/quote] Can do, later my old friend <3
  6. [quote name='Roquentin' timestamp='1332529362' post='2942248'] Nope. Not what Natan said and Raken had been planning to put it forth before that. I'm glad I kept up the charades, as well. The fact that an inconsequential twitter message was what pushed Umbrella to cancel a treaty is hilarious and just makes you look dumb if you're putting it forth as the true story. It also shows Natan was really responsible unlike what the logs depict. So either he was lying, or you are. Which is it? Yet, nothing happened, which triggered the twitter thing to begin with just goes to show he has no control
  7. The richest part to all this is that I was really the only vocal one who wanted the Sparta treaty canceled before Roqgate (I got laughed out of one of our threads for even putting forth the idea and that was even AFTER you had already tried to blackmail us, lol. Glad you kept up the charades after that though, made things a lot easier). I mean hell, Domisi was still completely gung-ho about aiding the !@#$ out of Sparta for weeks after your initial threats until the twitter thing became the straw that broke the camel's back. They should be really glad someone with your levelheadedness and se
  8. I wouldn't call my feelings "dislike", its more akin to "pity". I'm more upset that you decided to throw a long friendship away because of politics. edit: apologies for sending this off-topic, congrats again to ODN gov.
  9. [quote name='Roquentin' timestamp='1330802645' post='2932592'] Jgoods: pinnacle of excellence. This Spring: OsRavan, mrcalkin, and JA star in Reluctant MK Toadies III. [/quote] "boo-hoo" Remember when you were someone to be respected? Back when you had judgment?
  10. Congrats to OsRavan, I look forward to more book recommendations from you
  11. RIP Janax, you are awesome Hook em rusty!
  12. Oh yeah, good to see relations restored (and strengthened!)
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