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  1. Yeah dude, I was gonna ask if you made these videos

  2. let us create an alliance together?

  3. What is this "Luke Diorno"

  4. Although unrelated to the topic at hand, 4 years of academic inquiry will qualify you for a BA - 3 years in Commonwealth nations. If you took a BA in Media Studies, you could have concentrated on interactive entertainment, i.e., online gaming. Or you could try your hand at online sociology. Many universities have humanities-based games studies subjects and PhD candidates (I took such a subject in my undergraduate degree but there are more as time goes on.) So yes, provided you did a BA and graduated with a distinction (70% or higher) average you could choose to write your Honors' thesis on Cyber Nations. As for the rest of you, carry on!
  5. That is something you will never be at liberty to know. Speculate away!
  6. A lot of the "facts" presented are wildly inaccurate distortions. 1. There was no hard evidence pointing towards an attack on NPO's then allies and the Bastion was not a rebuke against that. 2. The Bastion Project was in motion before my time in upper government - before I had even entered the halls of MHA let alone those of power. Pointing fingers squarely at MHA is naive and insulting. There were many other tensions within the group that you clearly have glossed over (read: purposely omitted.)
  7. Thanks mate, I appreciate it.
  8. Out of about 36 months of playing this game, I've played about 30 of them in Government and 20 of them as the Head of State or Head of Government of an alliance - as a Triumvir, no less. I've never started my own alliance; I've worked my way up through the ranks like an entry-level clerk rising through a company to become one of the directors. 10 months in the TAB trying to kick-start its heart and another 10 in my beloved MHA guiding us through bitter struggles, external conflicts and activity slumps to come ahead as the No. 2 alliance on Bob has been an honor and a privilege. I want to thank each and every Hitchhiker and TABbie alike for making my extraordinarily long tenure in Government so enjoyable. Particular shoutouts go to Jm0406, Count Rupert, Sorum, Floyd, WCR, Pudge1975, Denzin (RIP), Tiberivs, Commander John, jerdge (even...a particular Mr. J. Diorno) and so very many others from alliances past and present that would take me forever to type out. Now that I'm putting myself out to pasture, I hope to enjoy a well earned rest. Its time for someone else to have a go.
  9. oh ho ho, hoppy hollowoon to yoo too

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