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  1. Hey look, it's a Carter.

  2. Carter

    FIRE Edict

    Damn straight we're opportunistic. And I like attention, it makes this game fun. I amsg announcements sometimes, get over it, find something more important to !@#$%* about. I still don't see the point you're trying to make. We're opportunistic people that crave attention so...... No one said that I didn't want you to detest us. It's how you come over here acting like you know everyone in FIRE, and how you act like you know all of our non-existent secret agendas behind us helping friends that annoys me.
  3. Carter

    FIRE Edict

    Protecting friends that have the right to make an alliance is "getting into something that has no matter"?
  4. Carter

    FIRE Edict

    You clearly don't know what bandwagonning is. Who are you, and why are you pretending like you know me, what FIRE's doing, and that you actually comprehend everything that's going on?
  5. Carter

    FIRE Edict

    FIRE believes the claims by TAB to be complete !@#$%^&*. MD is a very good friend of mine, and so I'd like to help him out in ensuring his alliance has the opportunity to grow and succeed in peace. The Blue Turtle Alliance is now a protectorate of FIRE. An attack on them is an attack on us, and will be treated as such. TL;DR We thought about it, and we made a decision. Thanks.
  6. From my understanding, Master Debater informed TAB as well as other parties relevant regarding his reforming of BTA. However, it is only now, that TAB is making an issue of the reformation. After MD spent tons of time, and actual [ooc:]irl[/ooc] money putting the new BTA together.
  7. Oh word? This will be interesting.
  8. I do, Sileath is a good guy.
  9. Carter

    We Want You

    I thought you retired. You're always rambling on about something to try and sound relevant and important. You have no idea what you're over half of the time, it's really getting old, bud.
  10. Carter

    Chapter 1

    Well, this !@#$@#$ sucks. Gen Lee was the most under rated leader / wing man, ever. Red is win. I'll see you there.
  11. Carter

    We Want You

    I, for one like Nemesis. I'd apply if I wasn't leading FIRE. If you find someone half as good as Hoo (in his prime), then you'll be in good shape.
  12. Carter

    The Turtles are Back

    Well, good luck. Me and Master Debater are friends now, so be nice. Thanks.
  13. Carter

    No, I won't be returning in two weeks ...

    Ah, good bye Hoo. You'll be missed.
  14. Carter

    Citadel Announcement

    Reyne joined Argent a week ago.
  15. Carter

    Citadel Announcement

    Pretty epic. Good luck OG.