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  1. GOONS to take Fark's sanction spot 2012.
  2. [quote name='supercoolyellow' timestamp='1324504969' post='2883506'] I believe a MDOAP partner of MK was involved sunshine. [/quote] Yes, an MDOAP partner that no one has bothered to counter. We had to make our fun elsewhere. It's really not our fault that CSN decided to surrender in a day, or that MHA truly is an amorphous blob of incompetent nations.
  3. [quote name='jerdge' timestamp='1324465317' post='2883240'] And that's a good reason to congratulate them for, because... [/quote] For such a valiant display on the battlefield, of course. Losing such a great deal of strength and score is an accomplishment.
  4. I think congratulations are in order for Fark.
  5. [quote name='Doitzel' timestamp='1323671446' post='2874948'] Probably not, but there wasn't that kind of available data back in GW1 and earlier so there's no way to know. [/quote] Yeah, in percentage terms, my guess would be that the First Great War far surpassed any other conflict in terms of alliances and nation strength involved (albeit some alliances' involvement was short-lived). There were very few alliances untouched by that war.
  6. The rate at which Fark has lost score has been truly impressive.
  7. [quote name='IYIyTh' timestamp='1307251922' post='2724243'] You seemed to have missed my point, I don't really care what you think about it. [/quote] And what a fantastic 'point' that was.
  8. This is a perfect display of an author having a particular conclusion in mind at the beginning of writing, and then warping the facts as much as necessary to fit that conclusion (and even then, doing a piss poor job). If you take your head out of the sand and look around a little, it'll become apparent how ridiculous it is to claim MK is at the centre of everything and pulling all the puppet strings.
  9. [quote name='Alterego' timestamp='1303456988' post='2696382'] Slap that junior partner. This isn’t like attacking their alliance for no reason using "their allies are in they should be in" as an argument, this is serious. Nobody on your side but MK gets to call out a hated enemy as cowardly and if they do you give them a very public slap in the face. Sweet treaty you two share. Taking sides with your allies hated enemy against your ally because of a comment made by your ally is a bold move and shows us all whos boss. [/quote] another nail in the MK/TOP coffin imo
  10. What's funny is that this discussion alone likely has more posts than the 64Digits forums. Given this, I imagine Mushqaeda control of 64Digits will usher in a new age of bustling activity within the alliance; Allarchon and his soldiers should be welcomed.
  11. [quote name='Mr Damsky' timestamp='1303276284' post='2694336'] Sparta - Bootlicker of the current ruling order ODN - Ditto MHA - Ditto GOD - All bark no bite \m/ - Irrelevant and basically gone GOONS - Bootlicker VE - Bootlicker Sajasabie - Defeated but allowed to live Penkala - Not really an alliance, but from his idiotic posts you can tell I dealt severe damage to his brain The United States - Literally wiped out. No longer exists. Umbrella - Bootlicker FAN - Bootlicker MK - Currently destroying [/quote] Okay, so your definition of 'destroyed' is 'I don't like them'.
  12. The alliances you've 'destroyed' all seem to have a terrible habit of still existing.
  13. The introduction post was actually quite good. Unfortunately, it went downhill from there. Not all of the TWiP editions were fantastic either, but at least they, well, had some sort of point.
  14. [quote name='Methrage' timestamp='1303221742' post='2693555'] Many alliances that were allied to MK burned up a lot of political capital with everyone else in order to please MK in the last war, like NpO and STA, now they are being rolled in a war MK seems to consider the same as their war they declared on NPO. [/quote] [quote name='Methrage' timestamp='1303227895' post='2693599'] GATO is another alliance that comes to mind who switched sides mid war abandoning NSO, which burned a lot of political capital for you guys as well, not sure on your reasons other than you guys you guys were clos
  15. So, animals covered thus far: horse, cat, dog, rat. Am I missing any? We might have enough to complete this children's book soon.
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