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  1. While the promise of war drew me back, I've found I've become rather apathetic about specific goings-on since I've been out of the big alliance game for a while after joining a string of smaller alliances (TJO, COJ, etc.). I think I need to just join a bigger alliance and see if that rekindles my interest in alliance politics. I'd prefer a change of scenery, so nowhere I've actually been before, and my nation is tiny as $%&@ because I just made it so it's not like I'm going to be swinging the tide in anyone's favor as far as the war is concerned...mostly I'll just absorb beatings from pe
  2. 1) Read the rest of my post 2) Since when are breaking the CN rules alone a CB? People get reported for slot filling, multis, etc. every day, haven't seen a war over some alliance harboring a multi ring yet (except in the case of EZI, but that was long ago).
  3. The sounds of war have drawn me back to Planet Bob and I find myself for the first time in several years appeased by the course of events. It's not so much that this has a decent chance of altering the current power structure in much the same way Karma did; I've been away so long I have no idea how this will shake out. The thing that has me really happy is the CB in this case, and I'd like to examine it a bit further: Attempting to be as unbiased as possible. 1) Mo9P rogued AI shortly after leaving Umbrella and ghosting Kronos. 2) His defensive slots were immediately taken by Umbrellans a
  4. I'm sorry but, have you ever been a part of a political system or even kept up with politics on anything other than a face-value level? Politics is all about using every bit of information to benefit yourself and your agenda. This game revolves around politics. Do you think that everything that I, and pretty much anyone else that actively posts (or posted in my case) on the OWF is concerned with 100% representing the entire truth of everything? No! This game thrives on conflict and political manipulation. If you really want to go OOC here, I'd argue that you are in this game for vastly d
  5. There goes the neighborhood... Welcome back
  6. Never in history have so many been attempting to start a war with one alliance as has the large group of antagonistic alliances tried to provoke Polar into war this past fall. First it was the NG strike on UPN seeking not only exorbitant reps, but also seeking to activate UPN's treaty with NpO to lure them out into an unwinnable war. Because UPN didn't call them in, they survived. Then the provocation of the Legion and attempts by many to set up a treaty chaining situation from which Polar would have no escape. This failed when it turned into a cold war. Finally, TOP and IRON just came ou
  7. [quote name='kriekfreak' timestamp='1318952864' post='2827947'] Why impressive? It's just a nation that joined. [/quote] Don't try to tell me you wouldn't be happy with .22 growth in wartime
  8. well well well. Look who checks back in

  9. I deny it. My (current) nation is eighteen months old and I have fourteen Wonders.If new players are unable to grow quickly and start buying Wonders a couple of months after signing up, they're in the wrong alliance. Why would they sit there for several months when they can download a free MMO and be max level in that time? Or even a browser based game like BSG online? You can become more competitive more quickly in nearly every other game in existence than this one. I think the curve needs to be changed so that smaller nations grow faster than they do right now. Either that, or raise th
  10. ITT: I learn that none of the C&G original alliances are still in the bloc. lolwut.... Pretty awesome of you to have all the stats Gopher, provides and interesting read, thank you
  11. Hahahaha...one of the things mentioned above was in the public archives: http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=46314&st=0
  12. lol, I found my old signature, some random funny IRC comments, and a bunch of old logs from LoSS on my desktop a few days ago. I love finding old gems
  13. [quote name='ccabal86' timestamp='1315536869' post='2797199'] Indeed, our recruitment dept. is doing an amazing job! [/quote] They must be slipping. I only got 1 recruitment message within 12 hours of nation creation and it was from the NPO (lolololol). Have since gotten 2 from random small alliances but nothing from anyone major. Maybe people actually read my bio?
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