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  1. Yup. Today's update may be fun ;)
  2. I was always fond of you guys. It's unfortunate what happened and my biggest regret is I have not been around in the last couple years to curb the poor decision(s) that have been made. o/ Synergy? :D
  3. I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for you <3
  4. Hi. LoSS still exists and never stopped existing. BIG BOLD FONT. Here's our fancy new charter for those who care. Our website has not changed. Our government has though. New government: #1: Phoebus #2: Junior Economics: Sam Winter Armory: Co God Ben Relations: Amossio *if I cared what SNX has to say after this post, I would not have used comic sans.
  5. Little does he know we orchestrated this early in the year when there were mumblings of a merger. We intoxicated our members with not-so-koolaid, and pushed the merger vote through. Even Junior drank from the chalice. We had to make it seem absolutely legitimate, didn't we? But really, it was all thanks to our friends in NG. NG provided their special formula, and with one carefully placed orangutan at the polls, the alliance was ours. Now we have control of the full might of a twenty man alliance with a combined strength of 375,000. It all worked as planned. And what was our end game? That's t
  6. I definitely did misunderstand. I was a bit defensive given similar comments legion-x and tywin have made in this thread. I believe the point was that at some point, SNX needed to realize LoSS was still a sovereign alliance which has its own private affairs. We have publicly "re-existed" since the beginning, so it should have been obvious we wished to regain control of our channels, alliance, and forums so that we can progress. Our only outlet was IRC and private messages, since SNX was occupying both our website and alliance. There's a lot of work that we need done, and it was difficult t
  7. It was no secret. I personally gave my hesitations to madmike and other LoSS government when the merger was first discussed but seemingly fell through. Again, I told our government I will probably not merge when the merger became a reality. When Junior decided to stay and rebuild LoSS, it made my decision simple. It was pretty clear there was dissent in the old guard. It is ex-LoSS' fault for not communicating this properly to you. You also had administrator access on our forums, which included our LoSS government discussions in which there had been dissent. Regardless, this was posted in
  8. A lot more misinformation I should probably clear up a bit. The closest I came to forcing SNX was asking "when can we use our forums?" Yes, I was persistent in inquiring a date. I suppose my pictures of moobs may have been seen as forceful expulsion. I will gladly post all of the logs, forum screenshots, etc. if required. But let's just be adults and stop lying. Astro, your website administrator and high ranking official, specifically told us we could. That was said after your highest ranked government member, Ty, told me the prior evening the only rea
  9. Everyone caught it. Everyone realized it was tongue-in-cheek.
  10. Extremely appreciated from NG (and all.) A lot of class being shown.
  11. It was a misstep made by one member and was since resolved. If one round of raids hurt him THAT much, we could have (and would have gladly) financially compensated him. Your government member was removed from our AA not under the assumption that he would be attacked. Merger or not, LoSS is not SNX and it's not particularly kosher to have your government in our private discussions. Junior found it fit to remove Legion-x from the AA. We had inquired, on more than one occasion, why he remained on our AA. I do not personally agree that Junior did that, but I guess LoSS must collectively suffer, ri
  12. Sheesh. I am suddenly not sure why I was cooperative allowing SNX to use my/LoSS' website for an entire month. A notice would have been great to give us our preparation time, since, you know, LoSS gave you an entire month to prepare your alliance at my/LoSS' own expense. I'd be curious to know why the sudden revocation. o/ LoSS anyways
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