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Sigh.  As long as I'm back in this hellhole, might as well take care of a few things:








We're back!  Same charter, same policies, same manifesto -- all the crap you never read in the old wiki entry is back in play.




The Declaration of Treaties:  As you may recall, SRA has a rich history of treatying at people, not with them.  Your compliance is not necessary. In keeping with our tradition of putting the sensual in non-consensual, we hereby treaty at PPO.  We do something similar, albeit paperless, in the direction of Kashmir.  (Additionally, we re-activate our 3/5th Clause with R&R, because it never got activated the first time and we haven't forgotten.)




Still trying to catch up on who's fighting who -- so I'll just dust off the ol' goggles and head towards whoever is fighting those parties listed above.  Pretty sure you'll find me first.  



Am I arrogant enough to believe that my 3 infra will be the fulcrum upon which the tide of this curbstomp will turn?


Hell yes.  I'm plying Smurthwaite with alcohol immediately after the flip -- all the MP's of the opposing coalition are as good as decommissioned.




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4 minutes ago, Auctor said:

Gentlemen, prepare for tenuous analogies to RL historical events.


I equate that comment to what the Duke of Wellington said to the third Earl of Shropshire at his son's Bar Mitzvah just before the The Battle of St. Swiven's Bridge.  

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Welcome back old friend, Walsh is and always will be a class act that was sorely missed in planet bob. I wish you luck and know that someday you will return to where you were. 


God speed sir... god speed

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1 hour ago, hartfw said:

I've often felt that, given enough 1 man aa's, we can control the world.


So, I'm in full support of this.


Sometimes the tiniest of acorns fall from the mightiest of oaks.  


When I start feeling bad about only having one member, I think about how if I got just three more members and espoused faux libertarian values, I could garner the support of the most powerful bloc on Bob.  Just gotta figure out how to express those values in the most reasonable, clear-headed manner possible to make it happen.

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