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  1. Whichever you can take, I will pay. I need 900 tech in total. First come, first serve. http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=461516
  2. Kindle's tactics sound like a certain Emperor Tinnitus we all know, minus the homoerotica being posted in these threads. Maybe they went to the same military clown college.
  3. Fool me thrice and I'm probably mentally handicapped. Seriously, how does he keep getting away with this? Jack, full name E. Jack U. Layton, is truly the king of the barbarians.
  4. I think you ought to put that bit about being the Flail of God back in your nation info, personally.
  5. You mean how Caesar used swords and fought against the legal authority in the Republic to name himself dictator? Thank you for proving my point. It doesn't matter in the end. The victor will always paint themselves as just and righteous and civilized, and the defeated will always be portrayed as unworthy, deficient, a menace to be crushed. Unfortunately for you, your constant whining is public record, so you won't be afforded even that small dignity. War is not glamourous. It has no glory. It's messy, and the belligerents will win however they must. A small history lesson: the 'barbarians' won in the end. You're speaking their language. Now let me use a clip of my own to explain Tywin's nonsensical ranting about barbarians, mobs, etc. in the context of war (Tywin in the analogy of this video is the crazy lady who breastfeeds a ten year old): But you know how this goes. You just pretend honour matters when things go against you.
  6. "The laws of war" I direct you to my nation's motto once you're done posting your homoerotic video clips of shirtless men in speedos. "Stop quoting law. We carry swords." - Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus
  7. Continue posting videos of shirtless, muscly men. You're really making that 'not in the closet' case.
  8. With the types of videos he posts, I'm beginning to think Junka is more familiar with coat hangers than trenches, given where he seems to spend a majority of his time.
  9. Always amusing when the tinpot emperor pretends that being a pissant was part of his plan all along.
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