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  1. CodFCS

    A formal DoW

    Good to see you Rusti! How is the arthritis?
  2. CodFCS

    The Entente Cordiale

    Welcome Clawdius!
  3. CodFCS

    Mostly Dead

    You can dance! You can sing! You're not dead yet!
  4. CodFCS

    Make DoW's Great Again

    Why so grumpy old man? Wasn’t this what you wanted? Anyway, there’s nothing like a good ol’ spanking to relieve stress. You should try it. You seem a bit uptight.
  5. CodFCS

    Make DoW's Great Again

    Our evil plan is working out nicely.
  6. You are such a mathematician, Rayvon! How is the war going for you guys?
  7. We're happy to be your only reason to breathe. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.
  8. CodFCS

    Mars Hotspot

    Effectiveness: 100% Last Moved: 12/1/2016 Location: 82.00000, -154.00000
  9. CodFCS

    Invicta's New Boss

    Nom nom nom! All hail the cracker king!
  10. CodFCS

    If you drop it, pick it up or else!

    Roz is not amused
  11. The Legion would love to come and play, but we are busy celebrating Ludi Augustales. Have fun!
  12. CodFCS

    Dear Pacifica,

    So you’re a teacher. You must be teaching Drama. You use the words objective and true a lot, but you don’t seem to know what they mean. Let me help you to see what the dictionary says. Objective: Based on facts rather than feelings or opinions True: In accordance with fact or reality I presented the facts for you. They are not constructed by me. They are statistics from The Amazing Sanction Race and Lyricalz. Rayvon tried to offer stats to back up his claim, but his numbers were flawed. RV is the Baron of BS and doesn’t expect to be taken seriously. What’s your excuse for not backing up your fantasy with facts? Because your’re a Drama teacher?