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An Announcement from the Fenris Coalition


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Greetings friends.

For a change of pace we'll preface this with the tl;dr: Kashmir and tJL declare war on SUN.

Now we don't claim to be experts on the internal workings of alliances within or connected to the SuperCereal Coalition. It is entirely possible, for example, that SUN – in light of a coordinated attack on its direct treaty partner, Invicta – has either refused or been asked to refrain from lending military assistance. Ultimately, however, SUN has the ability and an obligation to defend its ally and that's all that really matters. As friends and allies of Doom Squad we feel it's our duty to impede any potential threats to their operations that may exist.

So it's nothing personal, it's just business? Not quite.

You see, the relative calm of yellow has been punctuated over the last few months by obstruction. Our efforts to secure trades and sanction nations for their roguery have been met with condescending claims that we were harming SUN and demands that we lift the sanction we placed. SUN is free of course to conduct itself how it sees fit but understand that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

May Operation Sundown commence. For what it's worth we do not intend on using sanctions as a weapon and hope for a good, clean fight.




For Kashmir
Barrage Brigade, Holy Motors, Last of the Fa\m/ous International Playboys, Lazy Jacks, Raging Philosopher Kings, War Jesus, and X-Men, on behalf of Kashmir

For tJL
Max Power | lonewolfe2015 | John Churchill | Haflinger

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