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  1. A rose by any other name...it's still what it is, whether it is PC to use the term or not.
  2. You realize the primary 'e-lawyer' is listed as an Order member, right? XD I do not believe he is deciding what is best, he states what he thinks is best and woks to inspire others, not to force them. (OOC fair point)
  3. Not it doesn't, not really. Honestly I would be bored to be part of curbstomps all the time
  4. Ok I'm confused...do you think I am NADC? Because I'm not...
  5. I would just like to point out, anyone mocking anyone for buying infra while at war, should look to their own houses first. Many Oculus nations the SUN fought in the last war wee guilty of the same sin. Several of my own opponents did this, I assume just to have a troop advantage.
  6. What does it mean then? (Not asking sarcastically, I am bored and thus genuinely curious.)
  7. Interesting to set these two posts side by side. Can we agree both sides have been getting aid that is being called tech deals? ---------------- Also I notice no one is even bothering to argue with the stats I posted
  8. SNX 8/1 strength 2,274,140 8/8 strength 2,253,385 difference 20,755 AM 8/1 strength 1,775,310 8/8 strength 1,720,552 difference 54,758 Just to put up some statistics which are readily available on the respective alliances' statistics pages. The difference between now and the first of the month.
  9. I meant proof that they just change it when they wish :V
  10. If a member of two alliances is caught plotting roll only one of them. Yeah that makes perfect sense.
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