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  1. Sorry for a double-post. Anyway, This sounds great in theory. Can't wait to see how effective it is in practice. This just makes me all the more glad my alliance's policy is to encourage tech trade within the alliance.
  2. Hear hear! Oh geeze...that's insane!
  3. Nothing but respect for the individuals I fought in all the alliances attacking SUN. I'm sure every war has its sourpusses, but they were, so far as I could tell, not among the nations I faced, not among the winners, and not even among the ones that lost more, damage wise, than me.
  4. We should start another Star Wars RP. The first one was pretty cool while it lasted.

  5. You might as well keep your nation around, just in case you ever decide to come back, instead of getting it deleted and are forced to re-start your nation if you with to return :P. That's what I've been doing anyway.

  6. jerdge...that problem is easily fixed... GO PEGGY GO!
  7. What enemies? As for your terms, Schattenman, I sacrificed just to join that circle. I'd tell you where to stick them but that would result in unpleasant consequences for me
  8. Yo, I can't send you any messages. Clean up your inbox please. Kaythxbai.

  9. I c wat u did thar...

    Lt. Col. Teal'c


  10. *gives a friendly poke back :P

  11. *Gives Jed a friendly poke

  12. Yes, I enjoyed the comment. Want a cookie? :)

  13. This a comment for commenting purposes, if you enjoyed this comment please return a thank you comment at my own profile.

    Enjoy this comment


  14. Thank you...also, lol, you can make a comment on your own profile...I never knew that... :D

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