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  1. Good luck and well wishes to everyone involved. Sometimes these decisions are necessary.
  2. o/ Aftermath, for one final time. It's been an honour, guys :)
  3. Very happy to see this :) o/ TSO o/ NADC Here's to new friends
  4. o/ Aftermath o/ Die Linke o/ Nascar Coalition o/ Hershey Coalition Definitely had fun :) Thanks for the war, guys. NPO definitely brought the fight. Now time to rebuild...
  5. SUN getting lots of love :p o/ SUN Good luck and have fun, friends :)
  6. o/ Invicta Invicta is quite popular as well, hey? Good luck and have fun, guys!
  7. In fairness, NADC is also at war with 7 other alliances--so I don't think the "Argent is the only AA solely engaged with NADC" argument fully works here. Also, other alliances like CCC, CRAP, TTK, etc. have yet to be countered at all. I'm sure this likely has a lot to do with the treaty web. In the end, it is what it is. We're all at war, so let the casualties and GRL rise. :P Welcome to the battlefield! Enjoy your wars.
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