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Europa Recognition of War

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Declaration of Ugh, I'm Supposed To Be Studying


Well, I certainly didn't expect to pull the war flag out that soon. It appears that Limitless Nexus has decided to roll an undeclared war against the nations of Europa, likely because they're fighting with our protectors, GOONS. It's not a problem for us. I mean, sure, we'll lose the individual wars because we're terrible, awful nation builders, but we'll win out in the end. Europa was dead for two years, yet she still reanimated in honor of October. It's super spooky, trust me. 


Anyway, until LN is willing to bow to our inferiority, the powerless microalliance known as Europa hereby recognizes a state of war with Limitless Nexus. Sorry about this. Hopefully my people aren't too mean. :/






e: also animalzzz

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Apologies, I probably looked at your profile and mistook that for the Limitless Nexus AA which was actually fighting. Either way, have fun!


How dare you believe what I write in my profile! :P


e: good motivation for me to update it, thank you. 

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Yeah honestly if the messages in my inbox are the extent of the LN terror, I'm okay with them. So far it's just fun banter, nothing malicious.

It'll turn from fun banter to the "well, when you're done being unreasonable and want to pay reps for defending yourself"
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And then they'll talk as if they never acted like fools and all those things they said are actually SUPER SERIOUS OMG y u no respect us!???!

It's poor form to pick on the mentally feeble, Europa. But enjoy, I guess. :P

They've turned poor form into an artform. Edited by RevolutionaryRebel
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