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Imperium of Pony: Declaration of Existence

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Today, we bring to you a new alliance. This alliance cares not for the feelings of others, but only for its own. It seeks to enhance the fun that can be had in this game. Nations may raid unaligned nations. They can find protection and defense under our banner. They don’t have to worry about the politics of the game and the alliance.


All are welcome in the Imperium of Pony. Under the leadership of the glorious Princesses, all will know that Friendship is Dominance.


The Imperium of Pony is a Protectorate of Mortal Wombat.




Charter of the Imperium of Pony




We, the very few undersigned nations, agree to establish an alliance in order to defend one another from those who wish destroy the Equestrian way of life while also providing an entertaining home for all.


Article I: Admission


Any nation who desires to become one with the Imperium must join the Green Team and pledge their allegiance to the Princesses of Equestria. Nations who wish to pledge their allegiance to the Imperium of Pony must not be a member of any other alliance.


Article II: Structure of the Imperium


A. The Princesses of Equestria

The Princesses are the ultimate authority and Sovereigns of the Imperium. There shall be no more than two Princesses at a time. Their word is law, as they have sole authority over all matters of the alliance. Yet, they may choose to give powers to other members. The Princesses serve for life. Should a princess choose to resign, they will appoint a replacement. The Princesses hold veto power over all votes brought forward by the Cult of Equestria.


Princesses may appoint Royal Advisors at any time and establish departments and positions as they see fit. They serve at the discretion of the Princesses and may be removed at any time, without notice.


B. The Cult of Equestria

Each nation who joins the Imperium will hold a place in the Cult of Equestria. The cult acts as the main body of the alliance. These members must be loyal to the Princesses and show the utmost devotion to their glory. They must be willing to lay down everything for the Imperium and in the defense of her glory.


Any member may bring forward a referendum to the Cult. A nation gets one vote in such a case to voice their approval/disapproval. Referendums may be presented to the Princesses as a show of the opinion of the Cult. They may also be asked to vote on issues by the Princesses.


Article III: Expulsion from the Imperium


A. Any member nation can present a motion to expel a nation from the Imperium. In order for the motion to pass, the nations must approve by a 75%+1 vote lasting no less than 24 hours. A Princess cannot be expelled from the Imperium and the Princesses may choose to pardon any member as well as expel any member without a vote.


Article IV: Amendments to the Charter


A. Amendments may be proposed by the Cult of Equestria, but must be approved by the Princesses. If approved, it can be put forth for a vote. Such a vote must be passed by a 75%+1 vote for it to be approved. The Princesses may also amend the Charter without any vote by the Cult.

Princess Derphoof,
Lord of Muffins,
The Derpitus Maximus

Princess Chuck Norris,
The Walker Texas Princess

The Doge,
Senior Royal Advisor





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These Ponies are friends of Mortal Wombat and are now under our protection. Thank you please!


Good luck to our chums in the Imperium of Pony   o7


Howlin Mad, God of Outworld.

Empress Kiley, Goddess of Chaos Realm.

Hellhound, God of Earth Realm.


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I think one of the most interesting and fun aspects to creating a new AA is coming up with the theme.... so seriously.... who the hell stumbled into the dark depths of pony-ville for the 19th time to drag this back to the DoE pages?


Out of genuine interest what was the 2nd most popular theme idea the founders had? I'm interested to know what idea this beat to come in on top?

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Bronies...gotta love 'em, right?  Am I right, fellas? 


Oh Chuck...we will miss you but we're glad you have found a place for you to let your fabulousness shine! So go be the best princess you can be and don't let the neigh sayers ride you too hard. (heh)


Good luck guys.

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