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  1. How does any of that have any relevance to what I posted? :psyduck:
  2. Cheers. Means I can focus on the war in PW more :P
  3. I remember the DH preempt as being that time NPO's leadership were informed of the specific date and time of the attack and instead did nothing about it whatsoever other than let it happen in order to gain sympathy points. I got yelled at by the poodle iirc for changing my improvement slots after receiving and passing along credible Intel which was proven to be accurate. Instead, the upper tier nations were sent into PM and everyone else was intentionally left defenceless and unprepared. True fact although I seriously doubt it is a secret. Old news after all.
  4. Couldn't have been any worse than the manner in which Seppuku treated MI6 when MI6 made the effort to resolve Petro's failed spy op.
  5. Oh rey You yourself yesterday stated that a deal had been reached, that you wouldn't be attacked and in return you would be allowed to form the Occulus Pow AA because it was deemed amusing to have you in charge of an AA with MI6 nations who have surrendered. Now if you were exaggerating or flat out lying then I can surely understand however...that still does not explain how you of all people got off from an NPO target list and now suddenly have formed the POW AA. So go on, indulge me, tell me a good story.
  6. Says the guy who formed the Occulus PoW AA as a means to get himself off NPO's target list after apparently showing fortitude a month or so back.
  7. Something really wrong when a a dragon of all creatures can't find a helpless nation to burn. :P
  8. Being one of these persons talking crap and asking you to relay it to Roq, I can assure you that you should not have taken it as being passive aggressive. You can take it however as me being amused at how pathetic you are. Also, obligatory Umbrella sucks. Feel free to activate your intelligence clause and relay that too.
  9. Going to agree with Doch on this one. Granting ODN status as a middle man for this conflict is stretching it. Pretty clear (to me anyway) that ODN have no real influence when it comes to this war and aren't really in a position to sway the tides of it.
  10. Umm? http://www.cybernations.net/war_information.asp?ID=793422 http://www.cybernations.net/war_information.asp?ID=792743 http://www.cybernations.net/war_information.asp?ID=792864 http://www.cybernations.net/war_information.asp?ID=792779 http://www.cybernations.net/war_information.asp?ID=792583 Note that these were offensive wars declared by NPO nations in defence of Umbrella. So yeah, looks pretty applicable. Of course, you will respond that the damage can be fixed all too easily via aid and I totally agree. Please do send aid to these nations. I am sure the aid will be most appreciated.
  11. Clearly we should aspire to be more like Seppuku. Only problem is that my spine prevents me from stooping that low.
  12. TPF are lucky to have such honourable allies. Good luck
  13. Forgive me Mael but if we are going to follow your definition NPO were the ones who broke with TPF. I refer of course to NPO signing with Umbrella who were in outright hostilities with TPF.
  14. I really do love the format of these stats. The other one was nice and all but nothing can compare to ri5 stats imo. Edit: Also just noticed, Seppuku appear to be as gifted in attacking as they are at spying.
  15. My memory might be playing a trick on me but didn't NPO cancel the treaty with TPF? Yes, that's right. I am sure of it now. Memory restored.
  16. It is true. Why should they have had to post it publicly? You lot are the ones taking the offensive action, do you think you can attack whoever you want and that the onus lies upon the victim to inform you if your reasons for attacking are invalid? Edit: Actually quite amusing now that I think on it considering this topic.
  17. Being allied to Umbrella is bad. Activate intelligence clause and relay what I just said please.
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