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  1. The same could be said about any thread he starts.
  2. Dude... Taking what I said out of context, insulting people, and trying to make a bad situation worse isn't "playing nice". Maybe you need to cut down on the liquor. For the record I said I had COBRAs back regardless of the status of the protectorate. Because Kanabis is a cool dude and I support people who are NICE. I also said my first responsibility is to Kashmir in case you forgot. Point to one post you've made that isn't insulting or derogatory towards us as a whole or to specific members. You can't can you? None of what you're doing is nice or helpful. Just !@#$@#$ stop. Don't bother responding. I'll not be answering whatever bollocks you post. :mad:
  3. You know Sir Piddling I'll never run out of things to rhyme with your name. Keep being belligerent. This is why we can't have nice things. I'm more than happy to help out COBRA if you decide to attack people that still want to be friends. That's literally at the top of the jerkometer I have on my desk. Every damn time you post the thing jumps off my desk. Can't we all just smoke a bong sing a song spend some dongs get along? For the children COBRA? Son I am disappoint. I'm done with the forums today. Don't celebrate I'll be back tomorrow.
  4. Ok other than that video (Which I've seen before. Good stuff.) how do kiwis fly? Do you crawl into a potato cannon? . .. ... It's Red Bull isn't it? It has to be Red Bull. I thought the same thing SirWilliam did honestly lol
  5. Diplomacy is always the grooviest option yo. How's this for interesting: If Methrage (omg I said it right?!) is willing and actually follows through with playing nice I don't see any reason COBRA can't still play in his sandbox too. Quite frankly the whole Kashmir vs. LN thing is getting old as fuck. Also I'm running out of things that rhyme with methrage. :v: I'll probably get shit for this post but IDGAF.
  6. This is awesome. Welcome to the groovy side COBRA and InGen! I promise I won't subject you to my awful poetry and limericks. :D LOL and I'll make sure to drop my tech deals and feed them delicious aid. Would be worth the temporary slowing of my economy to see you burn Sir Kindling. Don't let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya.
  7. I know right! I started giggling thinking OMG HE SAID IT!
  8. Bent out of shape? You mean like your members that have no clue what is going on or why they're being spanked? Boyo you seem to be under the impression I'm not looking forward to eating a few more nukes. I'm kinky like that. Save a couple for me on your way down. :ehm: :v: . . . . . . :nuke: Nah he at least has the common courtesy to tell his members he's leading them to slaughter. OH GOD DID I JUST DEFEND METHRAGE!?! I need a nap. :psyduck:
  9. I'm ok with this. It's fun. :) Oh now you're just being silly.
  10. I choose to stay this size. Not everyone is an infra whore bud. Also I went AWOL for about 6 months or so due to outside issues. So there's that too. Mad? My mediocre man I've never gotten mad in the nearly 10 years I've been here off and on. You, however, sure seem to have a lot of anger in you. Perhaps if you started writing poetry it would help you get your feelings out. Petty snipes? Literally all you silly geese have been saying to me is That's literally kindergarten level !@#$posting dude. I've never claimed to be anything but an unfunny clown. You're getting your poor alliance mates spanked by pretending to be a leader. Honestly I feel kinda bad for them. :(
  11. Man you guys are (unjustifiably) cocky. I can hardly wait till one of you falls into my range that doesn't have full slots. Tom Petty once said "The waiting is the hardest part" I'm pretty sure he wasn't talking about blowing things up but it still applies. :war: At this rate though by the end of this round there won't be anything but craters. I hate sloppy seconds. :gag: There once was a lad named Doornail Who declared war to no avail His alliance is doomed And anarchy loomed Feel free to surrender via airmail
  12. I may be wee but can't you see I could still spank thee if you'll let me :wub:
  13. *looks at alliance war screen* Wow you really thought this through didn't you? Great planning! Why I don't think even the mighty NPO could organize such a brilliant and well organized attack. I'm shocked, SHOCKED I tell you at the capabilities shown by you guys. I might just surrender now before all is lost. I fear I may have piddled myself. :frantic:
  14. This is honestly the first thing that came to mind when I saw this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MIdByzyEa-Y
  15. Thorgrum? More like Thorgrumpy. You seriously need to take a chill pill man. Like lighten up you're gonna give yourself an ulcer. I am also curious to know how exactly we forced you to cuss out people for no reason, delete your account and all the other crap. Is there an evil hypnotist in our midst? Did Sir William's adorable smile drive you mad? Is this the end for the caped crusader? Find out next week. Same bat-time. Same bat-channel. Uranium is green. Bullets are lead. You seem angry bro. It might be time for bed.
  16. If you guys would stop adding too much water you wouldn't be diluted. :mellow:
  17. Everyone is whining about the forums being full of micro drama. Well big guys that's not our fault. Stop being boring.

    1. The Zigur

      The Zigur

      Most alliances these days are micros by the standards of 2008

  18. So your main skill is boring people until they get distracted?
  19. If by "white peace" you mean "everyone had better things to do" sure. Stay delusional spazmage.
  20. Kinda hard to be a martyr if no one is "oppressing" you. I think the 30-day refund policy on his cross expired a couple weeks ago so he's just trying to get his moneys worth.
  21. Thought for one second that this thread wouldn't turn into a spazzfest. As usual I was wrong.
  22. This can only end hilariously.
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