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There ain't no party like a wombat party!

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It has come to our attention that wombats don't like rain and even umbrellas can't throw a party without wombats. 
Therefore we need a wall of text to make it official so we can get our party on: 
In the strong bonds of friendship, Umbrella (UMB) and Mortal Wombat (MW) agree to the following terms of an Optional Defense Optional Aggression Pact:
Article I. Sovereignty 
UMB and MW will remain separate alliances and will each retain their own sovereignty under the terms of this agreement.
Article II. Peace, Aid and Intelligence 
-Both UMB & MW agree to maintain peaceful and friendly relations.
-Both UMB and MW agree to settle any and all disputes that may arise between the two alliances in a peaceful and respectful manner.
-Should either alliance obtain information concerning the other, they shall share it as soon as possible.
Article III. Optional Defense 
-Both UMB and MW reserve the right to request defensive military aid from the other should they be attacked. Neither party is required to provide said aid, but is strongly encouraged to do so.
-Should either party deny the request for aid, the other party will honor the decision respectfully.
Article IV: Optional Aggression
-In the event either alliance shall head to war, the other alliance is invited to ride into battle alongside them but is not required to do so.
Article V. Cancellation/Upgrade
-Should either party wish to withdraw from the terms of this agreement, they must give 72 hour notice to the other.
-After notice of cancellation, the treaty will remain in effect for the duration of 72 hours. Upon completion of the grace period, this agreement will be rendered null and void.
Article VI.
-After 90 days from this agreement, this treaty will move from optional defense to mutual defense non-chaining.
Signed for Umbrella,
JoshuaR, President
Roquetin, Vice President
White Majik, Head Envoy
TimLee, Legendoftheskies, DylanCarter, Envoys
Natan, Field Marshal
MrHiott, Economist
Domisi, Generator
Signed for Mortal Wombat,
Howlin Mad, God of Outworld.
Empress Kiley, Goddess of Chaos Realm.
Hellhound, God of Earth Realm.

Generals3, Demi God of Earth Realm.



Now it's party time: 





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I used to play bridge with a friend who had traveled to Australia and had a deck of cards with Australian animals. I always knew when someone else had the queen of hearts because they always smiled and let out an, "Awwwwww." The queen of hearts was a wombat.

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