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News from The Last Republic

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On October 14, 2010 The Last Republic posted their declaration of existence. The Last Republic grew into a brotherhood based on the philosophy that openness and persistence will prevail. Our ability to work together, to embrace change and to enjoy the process of building our future motivated our minds and spirits. 


Now 3 ½ years later we move into a new era as we have decided to merge into The Templar Knights. This is a new day starting for us as we move ahead together; TLR and TTK are bound by similar values, aspirations and goals. As TLR closes its doors we do so with a bit of sadness, but our focus on a new positive future carries us forward.


There are many we wish to thank for we have made many friends on our journey. Thank you to all that supported us. We are now committed to each other, to our new alliance and to our friends as we move into our new home.






Bernhard Klein



Edward Reed

Lord Markus



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Very excited to begin this new journey and happy to do it with great friends like TTK


o/ TLR one last time

o/ TTK

This is a shame. I was hoping to attack you on my way out. Now it can never be.


Congratulations, TLR. It would appear you didn't need me after all.

Its a shame that we were such a big part of your life and you were merely a fly on the wall for ours. But hey you can always still hit us on your way out if it will make you feel better. 

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