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  1. poke the recruitment thread :)

  2. I'll take that tech now :smug: [spoiler] New: [/spoiler] But yeah someone more competent might want to make a flag. Edit: Got one more in there now.
  3. Good luck Cynic. Have fun learning the lyrics to teen spirit.
  4. Great to see you guys again! Good Luck! o/TIR
  5. Sources tell me that Pax is still irresistible.
  6. Seems TSL has re-branded themselves as The Imperial Remnant.
  7. Peace, Coffee, Cookies, and Tea all contribute to the irresistibility of Pax
  8. We definitely have tea and cookies too! It makes Pax irresistible.
  9. [quote name='Roxas' timestamp='1327276105' post='2905046'] Where'd Siderz go?! [/quote] Sadly, Outs has left this realm altogether
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