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  1. I watch about 3 episodes per sitting. I'm a little mad about something that happened in the season 2 opener.
  2. Edward Reed


    If you are going to say crazy things then yes people will ridicule you. Also if Tywin is going to get a side-kick that means the other side needs one to even it up.
  3. We over at The Last Republic did not know about this till Jgoods showed me the link, whoever this is please stop messing with their wiki. Its a pretty low blow.
  4. you came into our channel and then starting talking about it. I think you are the one who needs to get over it
  5. cool can't wait for the next episode
  6. that sounds fun, our school does a similar thing but with water guns
  7. one thing the Umbrella DOW I think was a joke they aren't really attacking STA
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