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  1. I watch about 3 episodes per sitting. I'm a little mad about something that happened in the season 2 opener.
  2. If you are going to say crazy things then yes people will ridicule you. Also if Tywin is going to get a side-kick that means the other side needs one to even it up.
  3. Good luck to my friends in Invicta. Hopefully you guys can find some entertainment from MW o/ Invicta.
  4. SUN is an AA full of great people, couldn't be more happy for them. o/ SUN o/ Fen
  5. I find it funny that GPF and Loss just signed a treaty a few days ago(it was canceled within the thread) and now you 2 are warring, quite a 180 there.
  6. [quote name='Fen Dorbek' timestamp='1340945499' post='2999842'] and others kiss. [img]http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_azInq-JNZl0/TFd2PH2IftI/AAAAAAAAAGg/xguGDy8-RBc/s320/kiss-on-the-cheek.jpg[/img] [/quote] I prefer this method, just sayin.... Go SUN o/ SUN o/ others
  7. good luck Invicta, go get em o7 Invicta
  8. congrats to our new allies on this treaty o/ TTK o/ NADC
  9. happy birthday to such great allies o/ Invicta here is to another 5! cheers!
  10. good to see this posted, its been great getting to know these fine fellows over at TTK o/ The Templar Knights o/ The Last Republic
  11. good to see this posted many of these friendships existed between SE and TLR members before in previous alliances so its nice to be able to sign this with you SE o/SE o/ The Last Republic
  12. congrats on the growth, hopefully this endeavor is prosperous for you and PRoIS
  13. Are you protected by another AA? I don't like to invest my money in unprotected AAs
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