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Disciples of Destruction Declaration

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Nordreich, once the most devoted brotherhood of arms, is a living legend. Akin to a living, yet mentally ill legend, who in his sickness has turned his back on the very ideas and principles that once made him great.

In past times, Nordreich pursued its noble mission, with the fanatical determination and industriousness that can only accompany the most dedicated brethren. The fabled alliance earned respect from friend and foe alike, but over time lost course. Weak leadership allowed Nordreich to stray from its principles and facilitated the rise of subversives who would not hesitate to purge NoR of its finer elements if it meant enhancing their influence. After waging a war of division, those subversives would get their way, when they forced an exodus of many dedicated NoR members.

Vestiges of the principled and noble Nordreich exist to this day, in its members who still fly the Black, White and Red banner high.

We hereby activate our oA's with Umbrella and Viridian Entente and declare war on Finnreich, and by default, Nordreich!

Jesse James

The Blessed,
Raymond Jaeger

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I will note this in the wiki.


It should of course, then, be properly documented with the infobox flagging it for not adhering to the wiki's quality standards.



In all seriousness, have fun out there, folks.

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