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I can't have my good friends in TLR and our now-mutual ODP ally NPO stealing all the thunder, so here's a treaty that will [b]really[/b] turn the treaty web upside-down.


In recognition that both Mushroom Kingdom and Non Grata are committed to the prosperity, development, and safety of their respective member nations, we, the assembled members of both alliances resolve to enter into this agreement. It is signed not only in the pursuit of peace, but also in the hope of both signatories cooperating to actively pursue a better future, and to ensure that friendship and understanding will take the place of violence and rash aggression. Furthermore, this document endeavours to set the foundation for further friendship and cooperation between the two parties.

[b]Article I - Sovereignty[/b]
Each signatory formally recognises the right of each party to exercise ultimate internal authority, in addition to possessing a monopoly on the legitimate use of physical force, within its own territory. If one party engages in military or political action against an outside entity, the party does so without implication of the corresponding party.

[b]Article II - Camaraderie[/b]
The membership of each signatory commit to remaining civil towards each other at all times, particularly in public channels, but also in private. The signatory alliances and their member states will treat each other with as much respect and decency as they would their own. Healthy debate, discussion and constructive criticism are not to be frowned upon, but both parties are expected to show tact and consideration by going through appropriate channels when addressing concerns.

[b]Article III – Non-Aggression[/b]
No member of either signatory may participate in, support, or condone military action against a member within the corresponding signatory. If a member nation of either signatory alliance is found to have done this, they will be ordered to offer peace within 24 hours of the initial notification, and pay reparations equivalent to the total damages inflicted. Defending nations are required to allow a period of 24 hours, after notifying their respective government officials of the attack, before engaging in any retaliation. At which point, retaliation is to be limited to the number and type of attacks received. If the attacking nation refuses to offer peace to the defending nation within the specified time frame, without credible reason explaining the lack of compliance to the articles of this treaty, the attacking nation will be expelled from their alliance. Further, the expelled nation is to be considered a rogue by both parties, and dealt with accordingly.

[b]Article IV - Espionage[/b]
Both signed alliances agree that under no circumstances shall either signatory alliance engage in espionage against the other. Further, should a signatory receive information that points towards a possible leak in another signatory's security, this information must be shared and discussed immediately.

[b]Article V - Military and Financial Assistance[/b]
Should either signatory become the victim of unprovoked external aggression, or internal subversion, the corresponding signatory is encouraged to provide assistance, through either military or financial means. Such assistance is not obligatory; however, justifiable reasoning must be provided for inaction.

[b]Article VI - Amendments[/b]
Any amendment made to this treaty must first be discussed and agreed upon by the appropriate government officials of each party, and undergo the appropriate processes.

[b]Article VII - Withdrawal[/b]
Termination of this pact requires 48 hours notice. This notice is required to be given firstly via private channels. Any intentional or planned violations of the articles within this treaty will result in the treaty being considered immediately void, unless otherwise agreed upon by the leadership of both signatories.

[b]Signed for Non Grata,[/b]
KingXander, Triumvir
Derwood1, Triumvir
Stewie, Triumvir

Gofastleft, Advisor
MiketheFirst, Advisor
Zoomzoomzoom, Advisor
arexes, Advisor

d3filed, Minister of Defense
NCC, Minister of Foreign Affairs
Lenin, Minister of Recruitment
Naabgamer, Minister of Tech
Diabloz, Minister of Trades
Feestaap, Minister of Finance
Rakshasas, Minister of Admissions

[b]Signed for the Mushroom Kingdom,[/b]
King: Archon
Crown Prince: lebubu
Prince: Ardus

Lord High Treasurer: Azaghul
Lord High Vanguard: Ninja Colt
Lord High Director: Banksy
Enclave: Teh 1337 Guy

Castellan of the Keep: bros

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[quote name='D34th' timestamp='1316490341' post='2804231']
Are you saying that VE is uncool?
Yes, that is exactly what he said.

Take that VE, D34th said that Quiz said you're uncool.

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I wonder who has more influence in pb. VE or MK?
Hmm, yeah, good point.

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