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  1. caustic and ncc are cool, this is cool
  2. If our aim was ever to eternally ZI Valhalla members, we had numerous opportunities to do so. Say what you will about us being arrogant, manipulative, and propagating lengthy, costly wars, but there are no alliances we've wanted to see destroyed "forever." With regards to the actual subject at hand, it's sad to see things come to this, as it's invariably going to take its toll on the activity levels of both AI and Valhalla, which is detrimental not just to them, but to every occupant of this realm. Nevertheless, I wish Valhalla good luck moving on from here.
  3. the citizens of cool place considered joining in on the discussion of what the landscape of the next war will look like and who will be left in a better position with the conclusion of this conflict before realizing that such a discussion is dumb as heck OOC: seriously get off these boards and go play bioshock infinite
  4. I'm glad to see this done and over with. To the alliances that were at war with my own, good fight.
  5. Why do you so adamantly defend Israel's criminal occupation of Palestine?
  6. I'm interested in being respected, just not by you. Out of a desire to not derail this discussion any further, I'll clarify my implication as being that VE has avoided making huge sacrifices in the last two wars by making smaller ones, and leave it at that.
  7. A shining example of what you're supposed to do in bizarro world, maybe. I'm privy to information that I could use to categorically disprove every statement you've just made, but I'll refrain from airing dirty laundry in public. As for your respect, keep it. We're not interested.
  8. On another note, it's hilarious to see alliances like Sparta, who possess a total of one active member, leaping into this thread to dump criticism on GATO for a short spell of inactivity.
  9. He's right, for what it's worth. You can attempt to play off your "strategy" as honorable all you'd like, but in truth, there are only two scenarios in which VE's wartime behavior makes sense. In the first scenario, your alliance was unaware that this was intended to be a war of attrition, and decided against using peace mode out of ignorance. In the second, your alliance was attempting to duck out of the war at the earliest available opportunity, and taking a ton of damage by virtue of not using peace mode provided a convenient excuse to do so, as it did when you so valiantly rose to the defe
  10. You're smiling through rows of broken teeth.
  11. It's funny that the only ones being hubristic in this discussion are CoJ members. Don't conflate your sense of pride with our own; we are well aware that this apology is not a "game-changer." It is, however, honest. Regardless of how unfeeling and unprincipled you'd like to paint us as being, we are reasonable people, and are more than willing to own up to our mistakes. Nevertheless, we are much more receptive to doing so when treated like actual human-beings, and when issues are at least mentioned to us prior to being hurled before the public eye.
  12. Oh, he certainly had his fingers in the pie, and I don't doubt that he fully intended to address our handling of the situation. His wall of text is a clear indication of this. However, nowhere in that wall of text did he mention -- or even acknowledge -- that we apologized and admitted wrongdoing for the sanctioning of HoT, or that we instituted counter-sanctions against GOD. His reply was instead focused almost entirely on us officially declaring war on the Cult of Justitia, despite us technically doing so (at least according to your coalition's policy of "an attack on one is an attack on all
  13. I'm glad to note that your inflated sense of self is at least partially missing from this contribution to the discussion. If indeed you were aiming to give us a "wake-up call," this was a very poor way to do it, and if certain voices within MK had been heeded, it could immediately have resulted in a full-fledged sanction war. Indeed, I think that you earnestly were hoping for us to initiate a full-fledged sanction war without any kind of public address, allowing you to swoop in heroically and belittle us. Although I have nothing concrete to support it, I think this announcement was something y
  14. Sarcasm and inaccuracies aside, I suppose you could say that your accidental sanctioning resulted in us being "bit in the ass," but if nothing else, this announcement should serve as a reminder that we can -- and if pressed, we will -- bite back. In any case, this changes nothing regarding your situation: the sanction against you was misplaced, and we would readily have admitted as much at any point. If you had made any attempt to contact us in private before throwing a tantrum in public, perhaps you would have discovered this sooner.
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