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Justice League DoE

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[b]Justice League [/b]– [i]A new alliance of gallant gentleman and possibly a girl.[/i]
I. Joining Justice League
One must switch his or her alliance affiliation to Justice League (JL). Once that is done, said member will be fully accepted and have all rights and privileges of an ordinary member.

II. War Policy
To declare war, a member must declare war on someone. The war the member declares is at his or her own risk.

III. Bounties
As an alliance of very small nations, we welcome the opportunity to help with any irritations you might be facing. This could include things like rogues or ghosts that are too small for the bulk of your membership. Please PM a JL member with the name of the nation troubling you along with the offer you think is appropriate. All bounties will be regarded as personal contracts between the JL nation and the paying nation and not between alliances.

IV. Government
JL has no formal permanent system of government, recognizing the right of nations to have fun and individual liberty as they best see fit while still enjoying a community atmosphere. However, in special cases where coordination is needed, a "Task Force" will be formed. If a task force is needed, a notice will be sent to all JL nations. Those that respond will be part of the task force, with priority given to those who have participated in them previously. No penalty will be given to those that do not wish to be part of the task force. The task force will last for a maximum of one month, if a situation still exists that requires our attention, a new one will be formed at that time.

The Government of JL will change once certain thresholds have been met. These include both statistical growth of nations, and experience of members. Once the thresholds have been met, a basic government will be formed to better facilitate economic programs and defensive coordination.

Individual communication with our members is welcomed. For info on the entire group or for a desire to communicate with us all, please contact Green Lantern.

V. Raid Policy
Hell yes we can raid. We have like 5000 NS total, what have we got to lose?

VI. Conduct
All members are expected to act with a basic level of humanity towards one another and the community at large. This does not mean that there is an expectation of passivity in the public arena. Members are encouraged to interact on OWF and have opinions. There will never be a penalty for disagreement, only with cruelty or excessive rudeness. Free speech applies to all members.

VII. Pretentious Motto
“Laboris gloria Ludi, palmam qui meruit ferat"

VIII. On the Privileges of Microhood
Being a micro alliance, JL has special rights obligations to the world. These include but are not limited to: coups, faux coups, being a puppet, writing of unintelligible documents, casual Fridays, and general embarrassment.

IX. Can you give us signatures and fancy titles that don't have any legitimate power?
Signed for Justice League,
- Green Lantern, Founder & Master of Hugs
-Myhome16: Minister of Alliance Warfare
-Travis Hodge, Minister of Civil Defense
- Devildog2890, Chief of Justice League War Council
- TheAmazingOne Amazing at everything
- Saiko: Chief of Strategy
- Mikelg128, Minister of Homeland Security[/quote]

[b]Can I make you a flag?[/b]
Yes, the more juvenile and poorly crafted the better. I'll use it. Maybe not. I don't know.

[b]Why are we here?[/b]
Because there's fun to be had as a small nation. Fun that comes with messing up and losing ground attacks and declaring on the wrong people and all that good stuff. We're an alliance with one simple goal: to enjoy ourselves and encourage a spirit of enjoyment in this world.

As such, we have a natural opponent in alliances that take small nations, tell them to sit in a corner, not fight anyone, and lose interest in everything that is good. This does not refer to the majority of alliances, just some that have decayed to the point of uselessness. In that spirit, we will always have it out for inactive alliances and will endeavor to do our best to liven up the spirits of their poor members.

[b]That's a marginally interesting statement. What do you mean by that?[/b]

You'll find out. YOU WILL ALL FIND OUT. :ph34r:

[b]You don't have a protector do you?[/b]
No, we live dangerously. But be warned, our mighty forces of literally [i]THOUSANDS[/i] of soldiers, [i]HUNDREDS[/i] of tanks and [i]ONES[/i] of aircraft stand ready.

[b]I don't like you[/b]
You're not invited to our birthday party. We have cake and a bouncy house and everything. Happy with yourself now monster?

[b]Your Charter is Short[/b]
It has been our experience that charters rarely hold back the will of the alliance, or even a few crafty evildoers. Yes, this is incredibly basic. Yes, this document will change with the growth of our members both in nation size and in experience. For the foreseeable future, this is all that is needed.

[b]I can't believe you declared your existence "micro micro micro rawr"[/b]
My apologies. Maybe if more important stuff was going on we'd be lost in the shuffle. Get on that.

Edited by Green Lantern
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[quote name='Gloin' timestamp='1309069049' post='2741734']
This is truly worthy of a :facepalm: .... possibly two... alright I'll give you two.

I thank you for your generous gift of head slaps.. A facepalm is just a high five with your skull after all.

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Enjoy the pressure of living down to your expectations... I for one look forward to your fun-filled exploits..

May I suggest you take your announcements to a strictly comic book approach in keeping with the theme... Or better yet, MAKE VIDEO ANNOUNCEMENTS :awesome:

Best Wishes,

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I like this cause it is proof our excessive radiation levels have resulted in the mutation on more "leagues" ... like a beautiful sixth finger or third eye this new alliance is but a shadow of the avalanche of Leagues that will befall all of CN, soon taking over the New *insert name* Orders as the dominant AA naming theme on planet Bob!!!!

Mwaaaa haaa haaa haarrr!!!

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