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  1. Considering that Marx and Milton were huge parts of the reason that GOONS did not faulter earlier and get absorbed into Umbrella a long time ago, I'm inclined to disagree.
  2. You seem upset that GOONS has a high percentage of nations with Manhattan Projects. It's ok, GOONS will ANS will continue to hover around 5k and we will keep nuking your newbies because it is fun for us. You only love me because of my avatar. :(
  3. Never stated this, reading comprehension 101.
  4. You try too hard to be relevant, Krash.
  5. It's ok I'm sure the Stratephor will forgive you, as he forgives all of his children.
  6. Even prior to the war our ANS was like 15k, probably less. Sorry that your coalition cannot handle the Shark Tank. We never "asked" for anything, we (Sardonic) offered peace, NPL said no, NPL requested aid from the rest of eQ because they couldn't handle us with only 8 alliances piled on.
  7. You literally cannot be this dense. Plus, you have no idea what GOONS would do if we peaced out with you, and seem to think that NPL is so important. We have 9 alliances hitting us, some of which (read: all) are more important to us than NPL. TRASH CAN 2.0.
  8. Echoing this. Also, Mandatory Reading Comprehesion 101 for all NPL government, please.
  9. I guess you can't read? Look at his picture again, he uses images from the wiki on the Karma war, and denotes the whole "3 blocs vs 1" thing CnG was using as propaganda, so logically he is saying that NPO/Hegemony side of Karma was in the "right place".
  10. To be fair, even back then TOP/Gramlins were the ones who had "well-built" nations. While a large chunk of GOONS back then had nukes and were in the top 5%, we were also 956 members strong and had a huge advantage on most alliances 1v1, especially in terms of total nukes. I can't remember for sure, but I want to say even the top 1% of nations back there were barely 100k. Had certain events not happened, things would have been different, or even if the moral outrage that was designed from the start from NpO hadn't occured and GOONS been able to last the current landscape would look vastly diff
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