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  1. Makes sense... it's been a while since I broke the old navy out for action
  2. I thought (but could be wrong) that nations were limited to 3 outgoing naval attacks per opponent per day... I was on the receiving end of 4 naval attacks today (which would also affect the ships I lost to the subsequent nuke, I think, though I'm not a math person).
  3. Shout-outs to Litha, Farrin, and Necoho of NPO for the fun banter, and props to Aya Reiko (NPO) for returning for a second round against me. Particular shout-outs to Big Daddy Fatdude and Njero of NATO. Not only were your warchests the best out of all of my opponents, but your coordination was (pleasantly) surprisingly excellent, you were able to capitalize on any mistake I made, and you did the most lasting damage to my navy.
  4. What if the attacker lost the GA?
  5. [url=http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=16922]This should tell you everything you need to know about why what you're suggesting is a bad idea.[/url]
  6. Props to all of my Fark opponents, especially bmckenna and Captain V. You guys put up one helluva fight. Also, that graphic is awesome.
  7. Shoutouts to el burro and bmckenna for the enjoyable conversations, and to Captain V for the banter, providing plenty of excitement at updates, and mother of God that SDI.
  8. [quote name='katashimon13' timestamp='1340840157' post='2998828'] [quote name='Vukland' timestamp='1340834309' post='2998736']Wow this guy surrendered without firing a shot [url="http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=484940"]http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=484940[/url][/quote] musta been skared to fight without his moonbase... rawr [/quote] Or, she could be dealing with emergent pressing matters in another realm. The rest of us might be fleeing to the heavens and cowering in our titanium bunkers, but in this specific case, no.
  9. [quote name='wickedj' timestamp='1340737330' post='2997435']Blame Londo, he assigned targets. Im free right now though [/quote] I'd need to pick up over 13k NS for you to be at the top of my range, and probably more than that by 11:05 tonight. Rain check? (Plus, I'm about to get a much-overdue increase in casualties. You're not. )
  10. [quote name='wickedj' timestamp='1340683742' post='2996580']Dont worry, ive witnessed the fighting ability of alot of these folks first hand. enjoy your tech and land Fark[/quote] You never declared on me in that war-- you went for Prod and Psyopper instead. I felt very left out.
  11. Fishguts, for a dirty hippy, you fight pretty well. Good fight, Catharsis!
  12. [quote name='BKlein' timestamp='1330226418' post='2928389']EDIT: Quick question. How is it that you have a NS of 1,685.000 after only one day and zero instances of foreign aid? I think the savior really is among us![/quote] Let's see, 25 tech, 250 land, and more than 250 infrastructure. Certainly looks like the [url=http://www.cybernations.net/offer_donation_nation.asp?Nation_ID=491415]largest possible offering to Admin[/url] (may he reign forever) to me! [quote name='7BitBrian' timestamp='1330210904' post='2928295']Unfortunately it seems there isn't much for someone like me to do on any of the Alliance forums I have checked out. I either have to apply or be a diplomat, I can't just hang out in a public area and see what you guys are like. Fear not though, I've got a few more days before I can be openly attacked. I'll be dropping in and out of your IRCs socializing and seeing where I fit in.[/quote] Have you checked out [url=http://cybernations.wikia.com/wiki/Main_Page]the CN Wiki[/url] yet? It won't give you an idea of the alliance community, but it can help you get a sense of what different alliances are about.
  13. [quote name='Zoomzoomzoom' timestamp='1329085775' post='2919210']What's the point of the stars? Just space filler?[/quote] Incorporating part of our flag. [spoiler][img]http://dl.dropbox.com/u/9197543/thelostgondor.png[/img][/spoiler]
  14. Congrats to all parties on their hard-earned peace!
  15. [quote name='Beefspari' timestamp='1327551360' post='2907073'] Let's pass Polar already so we can both be sanctioned. [img]http://meru.xfury.net/images/aeris/aerisfffL10.jpg[/img] [/quote] 0.24 points to go!
  16. [quote name='ktarthan' timestamp='1327363736' post='2905834']Sorry Deinos, not today.[/quote] Oh, you tease.
  17. [quote name='jerdge' timestamp='1324023111' post='2879730']Nothing against you guys, but if this is the result, in terms of entertainment, I hope you get on and off another few times... [/quote] We aim to please.
  18. World Task Force and The Democratic Order are the other two large relatively neutral AAs. I haven't been to either of their forums, though. They're also relatively large alliances. You might also consider the Realm of the Rose ([url=http://cybernations.wikia.com/wiki/Realm_of_the_Rose]wiki here[/url])-- I'm not terribly familiar with it, but it's a protectorate of sorts for the Order of the Black Rose (OBR). They're not at all a significant political player, but OBR at least acknowledges the existence of the OWF.
  19. [quote name='djsaix' timestamp='1323019958' post='2862348']** Politically active alliance, but neutral to treaties that lead to any war.[/quote] Could you clarify what you mean by this? Do you mean that you're looking for an alliance that's a significant political player, but unlikely to become involved in wars?
  20. [quote name='OrangeBeard' timestamp='1322979513' post='2861854']Obviously you missed the point.[/quote] Oh, you had one? [quote name='New Frontier' timestamp='1322980974' post='2861899']Out of curiousity, a dinosaur themed alliance is less serious than a Conan O'Brien themed persona because of...?[/quote] Because that's all he could come up with on short notice, hush!
  21. [quote name='OrangeBeard' timestamp='1322969504' post='2861394']I'm not trashing recruiting. I'm trashing the fact that Deinos is so pathetic they feel the need to bring up "we're the fastest gainer" in every post in order to feel like one of the big boys. You try so hard I smile. Every single alliance that's been in your position has made that claim and few stand today. NATO actually focuses on growth and proper development more than recruiting a bunch of new kids every day. Yes, I understand there's some upper-tier nations in there. Congrats. You merged two micro alliances and have managed to be within half of a respectable score. You guys remind me of an alliance I used to be fond of, The Ravyns. Their claim was the same as yours and they recruited their way to impressive numbers. However, due to horrible management and poor growth programs, within a year it was dead. It's happened time and time again and its probably what's happening to Deinos. Enjoy your year.[/quote] Well, we've obviously been around long enough to irritate you to the extent that you've decided to subject us to the weight of your scorn, which is, I'm sure, considerable. Yes, we are currently gaining members at a rapid pace. It's a nice gimmick to have, and something that we can bring up at cocktail parties! However, given that over half of our government members have been around since at least 2007 and have served in alliances all across Planet Bob, we do have a modicum of an idea about how alliances function (or don't). Incidentally, growth through development programs and mass recruitment need not be mutually exclusive! Our researchers actually discovered this quite recently. Indeed, it was only last month that we discontinued our long-beloved practice of using aid chains! Of course, I was saddened to learn that the aid slot efficiency of our alliance, filled as it is with an average of 1.5 new members each day, is a relatively poor 38.7%, while the slot efficiency of your properly developed alliance checks in nearly 5% higher, an outstanding 43.6%. We are glad that you have taken it upon yourself to reach out and bless us with your council, so we can see the error of our ways. I wish I were able to address your comment about "every single alliance that's been in [our] position", but sadly, I do not possess your encyclopedic knowledge. I'll have to take your word that every alliance that ever went through a period of highly successful recruiting has crashed, burned, and died a fiery death. We are also appreciative of your insight into what is occurring inside of our alliance, and your kind wish that we enjoy our year (of which only three and a half months remain ).
  22. [quote name='OrangeBeard' timestamp='1322119065' post='2850346']This isn't a dickwaving contest. We have about double your score... picking up a bunch of newbs every day because you monitor the DAN isn't impressive.[/quote] I'm just here to point out the fact that you're trashing the concept of recruiting in a thread about recruiting.
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