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My Fellow Pacificans


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Ladies and gentlemen, a few good friends and I were having a gay ol' discussion about this that and the other when my good buddy !@#$!#@$!@#% said he'd stumbled across a little something in the dark corners of the vast Global Information Network(TM). You see it would appear that somebody posted something in the guise of a Pacifican on a public channel of a type that I cannot mention here apparently. It's a rather lengthy article and appears to be addressed to the general membership of the New Pacific Order.

Now I'm not one to conduct a forensic analysis to determine whether or not this is a replication of an actual post. I'm just a simple, smug princess from a backwoods shroom farm, after all. Nor am I a member of that there Body Republic, so I ain't privy to know who wrote this here treatise. But if it ain't real I must ask the author to step up and collect an award for the effort put into this here misdirection.

So for the entertainment of the viewing public, with special thanks to the Corporation for OWF Broadcasting and donations from viewers like you, I present to y'all tonight's show: [i][u]My Fellow Pacificans[/u][/i].

[quote]My fellow Pacificans,

I was hoping to wait until after the fighting stopped to sit back and take a look at Planet Bob and see where all the various blocs and alliances were, so that we could plan a strategy on how to take back what is rightfully ours. However, the other side is unwilling to be flexible in peace negotiations, and news is happening so fast it got to the point where I simply could not wait anymore. Besides, it's always good to be constantly thinking ahead, and the past few months have proven that we simply cannot take anything for granted anymore.

On January 24th of 2011, the New Pacific Order was attacked by the terrorist bloc of Doomhouse, comprised of Mushroom Kingdom, Umbrella, and the Goon Order of Oppression, Negligence, and Sadism, along with the terrorist alliance the Federation of Armed Nations. The reasons they gave for this unprovoked action have been inconsistent at best and flat-out hypocritical at the base of it, ranging from expecting us to enter the conflict between the New Polar Order and the Pandora's Box bloc, of which Umbrella and GOONs are members, to attacking us for not entering the war, to the most pedantic and immature of reasons, “we don't like you.” Regardless, as we were posing as a peace-loving alliance since the end of the Armageddon War, and we had our own plans for this conflict, this came as a mild shock to us. While it's no secret that we had been having issues with MK for a while, we didn't think they would be so brazen as to attack us out of nowhere during the Polar/PB conflict. However, whatever they were thinking about us, they have quickly found out that they were completely and totally wrong.

My fellow Pacificans, we have won this fight, convincingly and overwhelmingly. “Everything must die” has quickly turned into “Tuck tail and run,” and we are not in the business of giving them what they want. The public response to their actions, in which DH surely thought would be in their favor, has been nearly the complete opposite. An astounding number of alliances and nations came to the defense of Pacifica, more then we could have even dreamed of. Even more telling, we asked for the assistance of none of them; they all came from their own sense of morality and justice, that they would not tolerate terrorism on Planet Bob. Nations and alliances who I never thought would see the light after the Armageddon War have publicly and privately lent their support to Pacifica, which have included several saying that had they known this is what “Karma” was going to bring, they would have fought on our side.

While we would be ignorant to claim that we haven't taken great damage, we have doled out tenfold what we have withstood. Our nations, particularly in the Alpha, Beta, and Gamma battalions report victory after dominant victory. Umbrella and MK have been forced to waste billions upon billions on GOONs, who have proven to be the weak link in the PB chain that we thought they were all along. GOONs have been destroyed past the point of recognition, with MK taking a massive amount of damage and losing their sanction as well. We have dominated the conflict to the point where FAN needed Nordreich to break the peace agreement they had brokered and come in to try and damage our lower ranks, who have withstood this latest push.

In short, the terrorist attack was designed to finish us off once and for all, however instead, we have not just survived, but prospered. We have proven that Pacifica is not as weak as people have been gossiping in back channels, but instead is the unstoppable and unbeatable military power that ruled Planet Bob years ago. If anything, this terrorist attack has been a blessing in disguise. While we had healed completely from the Armageddon War, it had been an issue on how we were going to take back the reigns of control from those who did not deserve it. Complains and Grievances, SuperFriends, and Pandora's Box all came together for the strict purpose of destroying Pacifica and Polaris, and they have failed in this endeavor.

My fellow Pacificans, it is time that we take back our planet. And I firmly believe that we can do it before the end of the year.

I will start by taking a look at our direct allies, our direct enemies, and those who can be swayed to following Pacifica's lead. I have been doing this throughout the war and I've had informal conversations with some of you, but I believe the time is right to put together a gameplan on how we plan to resume control over this game.



The trio of TPF, Invicta, and Legion are the best soldiers a general could ever have. I know Legion's soldiers were tired of the constant insults thrown their way by the mouth-breathers on the OWF, calling them the “worst alliance ever” and “paper tigers.” Seeing the damage that Legion has left in the wake of Umbrella, FAN, and especially MK and GOONs, I don't think that anyone who has a brain will be calling Legion names about their fighting abilities now.

I have nothing but praise for TPF. They've been fiercely loyal to us and on the same page through thick and thin, and never considered abandoning us when we were in our darkest hour following the Armageddon War. We have fantastic relations with them, as they know their part and are willing to perform to their fullest capacity. I'm not a fan of MADP's, but if I had to absolutely have one, it'd be with TPF. Anyone who has a problem with them has a problem with us, and vice versa.

And Invicta is another alliance with whom we have fantastic relations with. Personally, I wish all of our allies could be like Invicta; loyal to a fault, and fully committed to restoring the glory that is Pacifica to Planet Bob. Their diplomats and government are nothing but a joy to work with, although Haflinger can be a little thick. Much like TPF, I have a hard time thinking of anyone else who I'd rather have my back.

The only problem with Legion is their occasion grumblings about not getting enough respect and possibly wanting to do their own thing. I believe we should encourage them to create their own “Invict-O-Sphere” of micros and protectorates that they can guide. It will give them a degree of control that I believe they want without letting them get too big for their britches. Plus, it doesn't hurt to have more soldiers on our side and loyal to the cause.


While we were expecting NSO to come to our defense, especially against MK and GOONs, we can't help but be disappointed by what we saw. Yes, they fought extremely hard, but they accepted surrender terms when they had no business or need to. It's no secret that NSO does not get along with Legion and Invicta; they post as much on the OWF for Planet Bob to see and their candor behind closed doors can only be described as bitterly hostile. While we don't need our allies to love each other unconditionally, we do need them to be on the same page, especially in important military conflicts like this one. For NSO not to play ball and to cut out of the war early simply isn't acceptable. What's even more unacceptable has been their friendly conduct towards GOONs, since it appears that the two of them actually getting to finally fight each other has brought them close together. I even heard some rumblings through the grapevine that they wanted to sign a secret NAP or some kind of joke treaty, and I know we made it absolutely clear that under no circumstances was that appropriate, and if NSO didn't get the message loud and clear then they need to get their ears and eyes checked.

NSO is like a disobedient puppy; they make you incredibly frustrated with their antics yet you adore them anyway for their loyalty. I have no questions about NSO's loyalty towards us personally, but like I mentioned, their behavior towards Legion and Invicta is counterproductive. As much as I love them in their role as antagonists, since nearly everything they've done on the OWF has riled up the other side to entertaining degrees, they don't seem to know where the line is until they cross it, as such when they ended up being attacked by Ragnarok over aiding a perceived rogue. While that was most likely an attempt by VE to pull either us or Polar into a war, NSO still gave them an opening and they took it. It wasn't necessary and could have been solved diplomatically, but much like this current conflict, it appeared that Rok was angry at NSO to the point where they wanted to fight. NSO are good [b]edit-"jerks"[/b], but when it backfires it backfires to a huge degree.

I think we just need to get them in line. They're a valuable ally and someone we can put against any alliance's lower tier. But I am worried that they'll decide that their dislike of Legion and Invicta is greater than their respect for us, and will go off somewhere else. I think the only thing stopping that is that NSO has such a bad reputation on the other side that they'll have nowhere to go. We just need to remind them of that, and be harsh if we need to. They may not need to love all of our allies, but NSO does need to work with everyone, and that includes not talking trash about them on the OWF.


Our relationship with Olympus is strained, to say the least. While they fought for us in the Armageddon War and here, and were one of the first to resign with us once we were allowed to have treaties again, they and North American Confederacy were the first two to surrender to the side of the terrorists. At this point I do question their loyalty and commitment to Pacifica. Yes, they took damage, but we all have, and there was no need to surrender out of a war we were always going to win. We really need to have a sit down with them and see exactly where their priorities are at this point in time, and remind them of exactly what we have accomplished here. Even though we can thrive and prosper without them, we should give Olympus the opposite impression. There's no need to drop allies unless they prove themselves as unloyal to Pacifica's cause or otherwise unnecessary.

What also concerns me is the presence of Peggy Sue in the alliance. Having tried to work with her in the past was frustrating, to say the least, and I'm sure you can find a long list of leaders on both sides of the web who can say the same, if not worst. While she is not listed gov at this point, when we have our sit down with Olympus, we need to see exactly how much power and influence she has, the less the better. If you do not recall, she was the leader of UPN when all that garbage went down with GOONs last year, and after leaving UPN she was part of Pegasus who ended up attacking UPN. Needess to say, I do not have faith in her to do the right thing for any of our allies, much less Pacifica.


Despite having a MDP with us, NATO was part of the group that destroyed Sparta. However, they were countered by Darkfall and more importantly Fark. They were part of the group that agreed to “white peace,” which meant they were unable to assist us, though apparently Fark did quite a number on them and they wouldn't have been able to contribute much. I think we're fine with holding just a MDP with them, though we should work to keep relations strong between the two of us. I believe they're firmly on our side, though that's no reason to rest on our laurels and let our relationship stagnate.


TIO was unavailable to enter on our behalf as they attacked iFOK as part of VE attacking Polaris, and ended up surrendering a couple of months ago. Our relationship with them is still good, and we have no problems with them entering in the other conflict over us as they have a MDoAP with Polar and just an ODP with us. Once we win here, one of the first orders of business needs to be upgrading the ODP to at least a MDP, and continuing our work with Synergy. I'll continue my thoughts on Synergy in their own section.


This one may ruffle some feathers, but I feel it needs to be said. Red Dawn was a fine idea when we were down after the Armageddon War, when we didn't have the musclepower or political wherewithal necessary to rule the Red sphere. In addition to helping us keep seats in the Red Senate and keeping all red alliances on the same page, it also served as good PR, as it showed that we were willing to share power and assisted our claims of neutrality as we rebuilt.

At this point in time, now that we have re-established our dominance on Planet Bob by defeating Doomhouse, Pandora's Box, and CnG, I really don't think we need to keep this around anymore. We have enough votes and enough influence over our allies to effectively make Red Dawn obsolete. While we should hold all three Senate seats, I don't think we need to have all three right now, and I'd have no problem with giving Invicta a seat while we have the other two. But we no longer need to give micros important political power in the name of good PR.

This brings me to Schattenmann. There are a number of you who are fans of his, who believe that is he a genius and one of the greatest political masterminds to ever create a nation. But there are others of you who remember his role in Vox Populi, the alliance that was a major cause in what led up to the Armageddon War. I was around then and I remember it vividly, the constant This Week In Pacifica propaganda that brought many people to the other side. I remember it and I flat out do not trust the man.

In addition, I think Red Dawn was proposed as a way to appease his massive ego. While it did allow us to look good to the rest of the world and show some kind of reform, it also gave him a degree of control over us. I feel like he did it to cement his “victory” over us, that he was the other who took down mighty Pacifica and now he was lording it over us by running a Senate seat and taking power that we deserve. I also don't like the one-way MDoAP that we have with Cult of Justitia; it's effectively taking advantage of our large nature and the poor political positioning we had at the time. Had GOONs not been one of the terrorists who attacked us, I don't believe that Schatt and CoJ would have entered the war.

It also brings me to Schatt's obsession with destroying GOONs and Viridian Entente. While I'm not a fan of either alliance, Schatt takes it to an unhealthy degree, and it's a small miracle that he wasn't attacked by GOONs at some point, especially when the coalition he created with UPN tried to search for a CB against them. We weren't fully healed by that point, though we were close, and I know that Schatt would have activated our treaty and we would have taken unnecessary massive damage, since we wouldn't have been in the defensive role we are in now and would have been counter-attacked by a vast majority of the part of the world who was still angry at us. [b]The portion that formerly existed here has been tactfully edited away in order to prevent improper discussion. I apologize for the inconvenience.[/b]

Our relationship with CoJ and Red Dawn was fine when we were recovering and our political goals were on the same wavelength. It's been apparent to me for some while that we are going to be on different paths here in the near future. It need not be an immediate divorce, but once we fully defeat the terrorists, we need to make plans on how we are going to dissolve Red Dawn and find a way to deal with Schattenmann. I fully believe that he thinks he's in control over Pacifica and will use us to accomplish his political goals, and that is not something we need out of a treatied ally. Those treatied to us are committed 100% to the cause of restoring Pacifica to the power she rightfully deserves, not using our influence for their own selfish goals.

Like I said, I know some of you aren't going to like that, but it's something that we were always going to have to consider, it's just that the timeline has been moved up. I think Schattenmann wants to destroy GOONs, VE, and rule Planet Bob, in that order, and he's going to use us to do it. While I have no disagreement on the first two, his role is not to be king of the world, and Pacifica does not need to share power with someone who tried and nearly succeeded in destroying her.


I will address this in the third section of foreign analysis. It's, “complicated”, to say the least.



They are the lead terrorists who attacked Pacifica. They are afraid of us, plain and simple, and sought to make a move to eliminate us before we could grow to a point where we could easily crush them. MK is undoubtly the leader, and this strike clearly is of their design, with them bringing Umbrella and GOONs along for the ride and to cover all ranges.

MK has been a thorn in our sides for a while, and has been wanting war with us for a while. Their conduct in their embassy on our forums was clearly designed to provoke us into attacking them, and I want to compliment everyone on how disciplined we were to not fall for their tricks. Having failed at that, they may have had something to do with VE and PB attacking Polar, though we have no proof to that claim. Either way, they clearly wanted to destroy Pacifica, and we knew that and made our plans accordingly. We effectively had a standoff until MK decided to unjustly attack us outright.

All has not gone to how MK designed it. Their own membership was on the verge of civil war and their terrorist attack on us may have been in part to try to keep everyone together and united. As we can see by the mass amount of damage done and the number of nations remaining in Peace Mode or outright deleted, we have undisputedly defeated them. We have cost them their sanction and they have been exposed to the rest of Planet Bob as a terrorist group who is hellbent on ruling the planet with an iron fist or destroying it outright. They have done fatal amounts of damage to their political reputation, not just with this terrorist attack, but their conduct before the war as well, dumping all of the treaties and just their general conduct in general, not counting their off-world activities, such as their “worst alliance/poster ever” tournaments on their boards. (Side note: any Pacifican found to have an unauthorized account on MK's and any Doomhouse/Pandora's Box forum needs to be punished severely. We need a crackdown on this.)

In short, war between Pacifica and Mushroom Kingdom was inevitable, and we are fortunate that MK started this war in such a fashion that we can portray it less as a war and more of a terrorist attack and have a majority of Planet Bob agree. MK effectively spent all of their positive political capital with their terrorist attack, and even if they had defeated us they would have had trouble defending their actions to the rest of an untrusting Planet Bob. Now that we have defeated them and replaced them as the dominant force on Planet Bob, I think we'll see the world rightfully turn against the Mushroom Kingdom. Their time on top of Bob is effectively over, and we should be extremely proud that we were the catalyst to that.

Umbrella has taken major damage as well, but the major development is something that myself and other longtime players of this game long thought to be impossible: Umbrella is actually too big to be a major player in war. Their obsession with tech has long been noted even though their economic plans are far inferior to ours, even when we were restricted. Regardless, their top tier has grown themselves out of the range of effectiveness. They'll do damage to any top tier, that is for certain. But after a week of war, they'll be too high to attack anyone, and stuck in the roll of just spending their warchests on their lesser nations and allies. Simply put, they're too big to fight effectively.

In addition, Umbrella has seemed content to focus strictly on economics and leave the majority of the political pandering to MK and to a lesser extent GOONs. That being said, they still have some important treaties that we're going to need to dissolve, such as the ones with Sparta and MHA. More on that later.

Lastly and certainly least, GOONs (and please do call them GOONs instead of GOONS at all times; it makes Sardonic angry and whatever pisses that arrogant prick off is something I will relish) have been exposed as nothing but a cancer on the face of Planet Bob. An alliance of [b]edit-"jerks"[/b], they long prided themselves on their tech raiding and spitting in the face of civil discourse on Planet Bob, and the first iteration of GOONs on Planet Bob went down in a flaming heap when the Unjust Path was rightfully destroyed. It makes me immensely proud that the second iteration has gone in a similar fashion as the first, and that Pacifica was the one to put the fatal bullet in the head of the “lulz”.

GOONs has been permanently destroyed, not just physically, but politically as well. Almost no one outside of their own huddle of friends has anything but the most immense distaste of them, and even their own treaty partners are wary of them. VE even noted as much when PB was forming, that the idea of a GOONs-dominated bloc wasn't one they were particularly comfortable with. On the statistical front, they'll be nothing more then a tech farm until the end of their days, and Umbrella has had to dump billions upon billions on GOONs, which we and our allies have happily and handily relieved GOONs of. The idea that GOONs would be able to mass swarm anyone at the lower levels has been exposed, and GOONs isn't just the weak link we all knew they were, but they weren't even that strong. Remember that GOONs couldn't even handle the micro-alliances of Ninjas and FnKa a little while ago. Simply put, they'd have had no chance against any of us in a one-on-one conflict; in this terrorist attack they're the very definition of a liability. GOONs are permanently finished here on Planet Bob, and I think we all should drink to that.

At this point, we are more than two months into our defense from the attack on Pacifica's homefront, but we are not yet at the endgame. We are, however, at the point where the world is coming to realize what we have known all along: Pacifica is not weak, Pacifica is strong, and Pacifica shall reclaim her rightful place on top of the world. And instead of attacking us, they are seeing what their “Karma” brought them, and while they might not be saying it publicly, they are at least saying it to themselves, that a world ruled by Pacifica is one far superior than the one that was ruled by MK and the immature “lulz” alliances. If anything, we have their support, for we are the ones who are nobly defending our homeland from the terrorists, who unjustly tried to end our existence based on the sole crime that we exist. It's not the truth, but the perception is that we are the underdogs, and I don't think that is one we need to dispell.


My feelings on FAN are well known to anyone and everyone, but let me go ahead and state them, again, for the record: I hate FAN. I have always hated FAN, and I will always hate FAN. I hate their leadership, I hate their membership, I hate their charter, I hate the way they act, I hate the way they talk on the OWF and around the rest of the world. I hate everything about them and I want nothing more then to grind out the last little bit of them from under my boot and never have to deal with them again.

Our past history with FAN is well documented enough and there's no need to reiterate it again, but FAN piggybacked with DH in their terrorist attack on us, with their “reason” being that they were still upset over things that had happened before the Armageddon War, things we had already paid for. In short, like all bullies and terrorists, they wanted to hold a grudge and say things are cool until they decide one day that they're not.

We offered to give FAN an apology in private. They said it wasn't good enough and to post it on the OWF. We did that, and we believed that by giving FAN what they wanted, it would be good enough that they would cease their terrorist attacks upon Pacifica. Like all hypocrites, after getting what they wanted FAN decided that wasn't good enough. So no more. If I had my way there would be no more peace discussions or offers with FAN. If they really and truly want perma-war with Pacifica until they no longer exist, then that request we'll be more than happy to oblige them. I don't want a surrender from them or tech and money. I don't even want a disbandment. I want every single one of them gone and to never pollute our planet again. I want even mentioning the name FAN in private to be punishable.

Yes, I realize that my personal feelings are not the same as other Pacificans, and they would like nothing more for us to settle our differences with FAN diplomatically. However, they didn't have the dealings with FAN that I had. I realize I probably won't get my way on this issue, but we're going to need to put our foot down once we take back our planet, and I don't see any better way than by eliminating the cancer that plagued us so long ago.


Oddly enough, despite my raw hatred for FAN, I don't have the same for NoR. I see NoR's delayed entrance as only necessary because of the damage we have done to DH and FAN. FAN was forced to call in NoR, not because of any particular disputes we have had with them. As such, I see the conflict between us and NoR as business and a matter of politics, and nothing personal like it is with the terrorists of DH and FAN.

As such, I don't think there's a need to punish NoR like we will DH and FAN. We simply need to make it clear that our refusal to let FAN go is due to FAN's actions towards us, and we do not have any intent to hold NoR responsible for FAN's behavior. I recognize that NoR will not be in a hurry to abandon an ally, but we just need to make it clear that NoR's exit isn't due to cowardice or abandoning an ally, but due to FAN's own inability to recognize their place in the world. I don't think we should give NoR white peace, but there's no need to take them out of the game for a long time.


I'll put all three of them together since all three are connected, and that's the major issue. It is important to know who is the one in charge of each bloc.

PB, it's a power struggle between Umbrella/GOONs and VE. VE really considers themselves the leaders of the bloc, but Umbrella and GOONs are effectively tools of MK, which makes MK a defacto member of the bloc. If I had to guess who's in charge, VE or MK, I'd look to the fact that MK led DH to make a terrorist attack on us instead of backing up VE on their own unjust attack on Polar. That being said, VE still has a large amount of influence, moreso than FOK, iFOK and PC. That's something important to keep in mind, as I'll make mention of shortly.

C&G went through a process of self-introspection after MK left and FoB disbanded. We knew that Athens and MK were upset with each other after MK dropped all treaties and there was hope that action would lead to a divide between C&G and PB. However, C&G's addition of The International and their backup support of DH's terrorist attack against Pacifica shows that they are willing to be a tool of MK and DH. The two strongest members of C&G are ODN and Athens, but I don't either is really willing to step up and take on a major roll not just within their bloc but in world politics as well, which allows a strong personality like MK to retain control over the bloc despite leaving it in a most disrespectful fashion.

SF is controlled by GOD, which is ruled by Xiphosis. After the terrorists of MK, Xiph might be the most hated person on the planet by all sides. His arrogance and general disdain has made more enemies then I think even Xiph realizes. A once proud bloc, the departures of Ragnarok, RIA, and Fark has left them a shadow of what they used to be, and without anyone to combat Xiphosis on a leadership level. The big connection is the MADP between GOD and VE, which means Xiph is continuously able to try and overstep his bounds and wield power that others have gained, such as when Xiph tried to disband UPN despite all other parties wanting their section of the conflict to end.

This weakness is the one we need to exploit.

What we need to do is to try and find a way to anger Xiph (shouldn't be too hard) and to get him to aggressively attack someone, and in a fashion that he won't be able to claim a defensive position. Other nations might not like Xiph, but treaties are treaties and they will come in on a defensive pact. Agressively is a whole other ballgame, and a GOD/SF aggressive attack won't nearly come close in having the same amount of support. The one alliance outside of SF who would have to support GOD would be VE. VE, however, wouldn't have the support of the rest of PB, as the majority of those alliances don't like Xiph and GOD. If we can find a way to do that while we keep our victorious defense against DH and FAN going, it essentially forces VE to make a choice: do they stay with Pandora's Box and abandon their longest treaty partner and friend in GOD (remember just how close Impero and Xiph are, and Xiph's role in convincing Impero to attack Polar), or do they stay with the power base they sold their souls to in PB? Either action has severe consequences for VE: If they don't go with GOD they'll anger Xiph and prove themselves to be opportunistic cowards who will sell out even their longest and most loyal friends for power (similar to what PC and iFOK did with NEW, again I'll discuss this later), and make an enemy for like in Xiph, or VE goes with GOD and loses their position of influence and effectively announce themselves as subservient to GOD and Xiph's ego, and tie themselves into a sphere that is rapidly sinking due to the ego iceberg they've ran into.

If those who read this take away nothing else, the above paragraph needs to be our political and military strategy going forwards once we defeat Doomhouse and FAN. The other side of the world is too interconnected, and undoing these ties is absolutely necessary and vital for us to take back the world we rightfully deserve. In a one-on-one situation, we could defeat any one of these blocs. It is how they are all interconnected and against us, and the only reason they are together and united was to try and ensure that we never rose from the grave they dug us. Now that we have made it clear that Pacifica will not die, we need to isolate each one of these blocs and then destroy them. While I'm not sure how we can separate C&G and PB if C&G is willing to take a secondary role to PB, we absolutely can undo the tie between PB and SF. In short, we need to make Impero make a choice, and let the consequences of the decision he makes be the lead domino that topples over that whole side.

It will not be easy, but if anything I have full faith that our Diplomatic Corps are the best in the entire world and our military strategy is far superior to anything the other side can muster. I believe that we can expand even more, and go to places that have diplomatic relations with PB, and convince them that PB is bad news for them. I've said it before, I'm a big fan of the line “They abandoned NEW, they'll abandon you.” After the past few months, I don't believe it will be a hard sell. They might not come to love it, but taking them out of the game works for me. Besides, we don't need to be loved by everyone, but at least feared.

My fellow Pacificans, people are starting to see the winds change, and they will not be in favor of backing a terrorist side that will attack anyone who looks at them funny and is crumbling under the weight of their own hubris. People want to back a winner for their own satisfaction and their own safety, and once we show that we are what we thought they were, they will come and throw themselves at our feet. The people want someone to lead them, and lead them Pacifica shall.

Now, this is already far longer then I intended it to be, so I'll make the next section brief, as I take a quick look at other alliances and where we should go with them.


We have a NAP with IRON, and the bloc made it clear to us that they were not going to activate any of their treaties amongst both sides through the duration of the conflicts. While we understand that, it's of my feeling and others that Duckroll was essentially looking to see who came out on top before either piling on that side at the end in a hunt for reps or allying up with the victors. In short, they're looking to piggyback on the success of others, and not from their own accord. That being said, we do have a good relationship with IRON and they've expressed their support in helping us rebuild. We should be aware that they'll be looking to sign with us once our victory becomes official, but there's no real need to sign diplomatic ties with alliances who aren't willing to full commit their support and undying loyalty to Pacifica through thick and thin. Let them sign with our allies and support Pacifica that way.


Syngery is the bloc TIO is in, and we had been making good relations with them before the terrorist attack. Those nations also have a relation with Polar, and came in support of Polaris on that side of the conflict. I'm not in favor of signing something with GATO after seeing how quickly they abandoned NSO in their time of need, LoSS and IAA I'm fans of. I think we might want to upgrade the ODP we have with TIO into some kind of MDP with the entire bloc, which effectively would have GATO accountable to their other bloc partners if they wanted to run away from another defensive obligation. Synergy is most definitely anti-PB, so they'll be great partners to help us take apart the bloc. If alliances don't want to listen to us for whatever preconceived notions they have, they might listen to Synergy.


This oft-rumored bloc appears to be closer than ever to coming to fruition Sparta was dog-piled heavily during this past conflict, and aren't happy about taking a massive amount of damage for a cause they had no direct involvement with, and are looking to finally establish their own side of the world. MHA, the largest alliance in the game, is as confident as ever after what they believe is a better than expected showing in defense of Sparta and others, and are finally looking to take an active role in the world politics.

For the longest time, the ones with cold feet were Fark. Fark had left SuperFriends and despite having treaties all over the world, only had a small role in this conflict when they easily could have carried a much larger one. I can tell you from informational conversations I've had with their leadership is that their playerbase tends to skew older, at least compared to other alliances, which means they have families and jobs and therefore less time to dedicate to being on IRC and staying up relatively late for war and diplomatic chats. The vibe I had been getting was almost one of neutrality, where as GPA and the like have no treaties, Fark has treaties all over the place to make sure that if they're attacked, there will be a cavalry to come to the rescue. If I can quote one ex-member of Fark gov almost verbatim from a little while ago: “As long as we can stay big enough to prevent what happened with GOONs (referring to how GOONs tried to run Fark out of the game) from happening again, we'll be happy.”

My fellow Pacificans, this is an mindset that we need to prevent, and it is in our best interest that this bloc forms. You can tell from Fark's attitude towards GOONs and Sparta's attitude towards being taken advantage of that they aren't happy with the other side. Having three sanctioned alliances form will be a game-changing event, and one that the other side will not be happy about. At first, I'm sure this bloc (rumored to be called XX but who knows what the final name would be) will have connections across the globe, but we can take advantage of their hurt feelings and intentions to no longer be a doormat to our advantage, and pin them against the other side, if not in direct military action, then as a deterrent. Not even PB could take on those three alliances without significant help, help that is rapidly no longer there. Indeed, we've recently seen Fark dump iFOK (although Fark still has a treaty with FOK that needs to go away), and Fark/Sparta solidified their friendship with a treaty.

That being said, it needs to be a mission of our Diplomatic Corps to convince Fark that a taking a leadership role in the politics of Planet Bob is far superior than just logging in and collecting every day, even if the political discourse can be immensely frustrating due to the immaturity of the other side. We need this bloc to be big enough and angry enough at the other side that they'll be ready to act against them if necessary, yet not so big that we can't handle them if necessary. It will be a challenge, but I believe we are more than up to it.

A couple quick thoughts on individual alliances to cap off this massive wall of text (and a thousand thank yous to the Pacificans who have read all the way down here without interruption or falling asleep on the kamode), I'm not sure what the future is going to hold for RoK and RIA. RIA has left SF in a formal capacity, and as I noted waaaaaaaaaay back at the beginning of this manifesto, have also severed their ties with VE. They did recently sign with IRON, and I get the general feeling that RIA just doesn't want to be tied down to the other political side but aren't interested in fighting them, as of yet. Until NoR came in on us, RIA was the only alliance to actively fight both sides, something they made sure to emphasize to their allies and the OWF. Like Fark, I think RIA wants to take a step back from the tangled web of treaties, but unlike Fark I think we can let them. It also wouldn't break my heart if they teamed up with MHA/FARK/Sparta and took a direct stance against the other side as well. The more damage we can do to the other side while not taking it ourselves, the better.

As for RoK, they refused to go along with Xiph and the rest of SF, and actively defended Polaris from VE, followed up by leaving the bloc, and following that they dumped a number of treaties, and while dumping CSN was no surprise, Sparta and Polaris were ones I did a double take for. At this point I'm not sure what their intentions are, though they're an attractive free agent out there, and I'd look for them to resign with either Sparta or Polar before too long. Either way, we need to congratulate RoK on doing the right thing, and I think that an ODP might be something we look towards in the future, with intent of a MDP before the end of the year perhaps, depending on how the chips fall.

Last and certainly not least,


I could write volumes about the relationship between us and Polaris, but this is long enough as it is and my hands are growing weary of typing. The fact is, while Polar may not love us and want to stand on their own, the rest of the world does not see them as being separate from us and actively want to destroy us and them. We also need to recognize that we are stronger together then we are apart, but at the same time Polaris also needs to recognize that we are the dominant force on Planet Bob. I don't know how many of you have younger siblings, but I get the feeling that it's a bigger brother/little brother relationship between us and Polar. Polar needed to go out on their own for a while without the protection of their bigger brother, and now that they've seen what the world is like (and gotten punched in the nose in the process), they need to realize their place and support their older brother to the best of their abilities. Polaris' gov may not be overly happy about this, but it's the honest truth, and besides, Polar is the one who lost their side of the conflict while we withstood our terrorist attack. The longer we are apart, the more the terrorists will try and destroy us. Together, we will be able to aid Pacifica in resuming her role on top of the world, and I do believe that there is a place for Polaris in our world.

And one last, last note, we should reach out to the neutrals and let them know that we will be taking no action against them. I'm sure they still harbor resentment against us for the Woodstock Massacre and will be wary of a rising Pacifica. We need to assure them that our resuming control of the world will not hinder their existence in any way. Besides, while we've all been fighting and rebuilding, GPA and the like have been able to grow without restrictions. We're not going to be able to do anything about them until we've vanquished everyone else.

I'm sure I'll have more later, but my juices are spent. Anyone who cannot see that the winds of the world are shifting and are shifting in the favor of Pacifica is someone who shall be blown away. We were in a dark point after the Armageddon War and we saw the formation of Pandora's Box as a means to destroy Pacifica permanently. Instead, what they and the rest of the world have seen is a Pacifica that has risen, stronger than ever, and is ready to take back the world that we and we alone deserve to rule. For far too long, the conversation amongst Pacificans in private has been how we are going to crush our enemies and reclaim our throne. To our surprise and joy, the terrorists have handed us the world on a silver platter.

While we have decisively thwarted this terrorist attack, they have not been crushed permanently, and that is something we need to do before the rest of the plans I have proposed can come to fruition. This also doesn't mean that we can rest on our laurels and the mistakes of our enemies; a lot is still up for grabs and if we become too confident early we can easily make a critical mistake and allow control to go back in the hands of the terrorists, which means we will find ourselves in more situations similar to this. That should not happen, that cannot happen, and with the support of all Pacificans and our allies, that will not happen. The world, as always, will look to Pacifica for leadership, and our leadership is not something that we should deny them.

Our time is not coming, my fellow Pacificans. Our time is now here. Pacifica Prevails!, as always she has, and always she will.[/quote]

Edited by Ardus
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I could have written a wall of text that is ten times better in half the time.

Whoever did this needs to be fired.

edit: This isn't real, btw.

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I can't believe someone actually wrote all that, real or not.

I did have quite a few laughs, especially the parts claiming victory, lauding Legion, and the condescension towards allies.

Edited by Azaghul
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[quote name='Letum' timestamp='1303532001' post='2697391']
I could have written a wall of text that is ten times better in half the time.

Whoever did this needs to be fired.
Fire Brehon!

But really whoever wrote this... so much wasted time!

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[quote name='Letum' timestamp='1303532001' post='2697391']
I could have written a wall of text that is ten times better in half the time.

Whoever did this needs to be fired.
The sheer length of it is impressive enough. I mean, you have to stop and ask yourself how much time goes into writing something like this.

I'd pin a medal on them just for the entertainment value.

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[quote name='Ardus' timestamp='1303532081' post='2697395']
The sheer length of it is impressive enough. I mean, you have to stop and ask yourself how much time goes into writing something like this.

I'm more interested in who the heck lacks enough of a life to spend so much of their time writing something like this, and not even bother posting it to our forums.

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[quote name='Letum' timestamp='1303532373' post='2697401']
I'm more interested in who the heck lacks enough of a life to spend so much of their time writing something like this, and not even bother posting it to our forums.

Just for posterity's sake, in case something else comes up.

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[quote name='kevin32891' timestamp='1303532357' post='2697399']
Pics or didn't happen.
I swear, as Archon is my witness, if I had 'em I'd post 'em. That's part of why I posted this. I want to find the author and give 'em a big ol' sloppy kiss.

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[quote name='Sandwich Controversy' timestamp='1303532509' post='2697405']
I haven't read any of this thread, but does this mean MK is spying on NPO? Big surprise MK... :rolleyes:

MK up to its usual despicable tactics.

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[quote]This brings me to Schattenmann. There are a number of you who are fans of his, who believe that is he a genius and one of the greatest political masterminds to ever create a nation. But there are others of you who remember his role in Vox Populi, the alliance that was a major cause in what led up to the Armageddon War. I was around then and I remember it vividly, the constant This Week In Pacifica propaganda that brought many people to the other side. I remember it and I flat out do not trust the man.[/quote]
And don't anyone ever forget it.

[quote] [b]I also don't like the one-way MDoAP that we have with Cult of Justitia[/b]; it's effectively taking advantage of our large nature and the poor political positioning we had at the time. Had GOONs not been one of the terrorists who attacked us, I don't believe that Schatt and CoJ would have entered the war.

It also brings me to Schatt's obsession with destroying GOONs and Viridian Entente. While I'm not a fan of either alliance, Schatt takes it to an unhealthy degree, and it's a small miracle that he wasn't attacked by GOONs at some point, especially when the coalition he created with UPN tried to search for a CB against them. We weren't fully healed by that point, though we were close, and [b]I know that Schatt would have activated our treaty[/b] and we would have taken unnecessary massive damage, since we wouldn't have been in the defensive role we are in now and would have been counter-attacked by a vast majority of the part of the world who was still angry at us.[/quote]
Oh no, NPO is going to cancel our MDoAP before we ever even have one!

Pretty poorly done with gaping holes like non-existent treaties and claims of magical powahs.

Edited by Schattenmann
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[quote name='Cager' timestamp='1303531836' post='2697385']
I'm calling this was written by Brehon.

You would be wrong.

That said, i'll shake the hand of whoever put that much time into writing this. You made a good couple mistakes trying to make this look like it was from us, but overall it's impressive.

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