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FOK hereby activates her treaties with Umbrella and the Mushroom Kingdom, and declares war on The Sasori Initiative and the North Atlantic Defense Coalition.

[i][b]Signed on behalf of FOK,[/b][/i]
ArneS, President
CheeKy, Minister of Foreign Affairs
Timmehhh, Minister of Defense
elasticasteroid, Minister of Economic Affairs
Feestaap1, Minister of Internal Affairs


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[quote name='avenger218' timestamp='1300994559' post='2674867']
Finally someone attacks us that can actually fight :)

o/ FOK

well let's have some fun :)

so says the nation with 0 casualties and in peacemode.

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LOL oh dear Doomhouse calling for help again. Well I guess its pretty clear Failhouse has proven to be a complete joke. Holy Admin you all must be desperate to embarrass yourselves yet again in public. Poor FOK always stuck cleaning up other peoples messes. Looks like Doomhouse is your new TGE. :awesome: Good luck FOK, with the collection of idiots running this war you have you work cut out for you.

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