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  1. You've missed a lot. Welcome back.
  2. Ryan Greenberg

    What Music?

    Rock, Hip-Hop, Motown. Yeah, nothing special.
  3. Moralism is irrelevent and has been since Bipolar. There was no point to this blog post.
  4. Because you're allied to them and they help you beat the alliances you dislike more.
  5. This war needed to happen to move past the Bipolar era.
  6. I'll root for the Sea Eagles because I'm a NFL Eagles fan.
  7. My school never really cared. They allowed peanuts, but always had the "anti-peanut" table for lunch.
  8. Kevin Kolb for Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and 2nd Round pick Great trade. Kolb has a lot of potential, but he is unproven. He definitly can end up being a solid QB, but the Eagles already have a pro-bowler in Michael Vick. The Eagles big weakness last year was their secondary. Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie is a pro-bowl cover CB who is proven, unlike Kolb. He will definitly help the Eagles defense this year, especially with the much improved secondary. The Second Round draft pick was a steal imo. Before the trade, the Cardinals were bluffing with a trade for Kyle Orton to lower the price. The
  9. Calm before the storm? Each sphere has a treaty with every other spehere at this point. Most leaders lack balls and that's why you don't see any drama or not ONE major treaty cancellation. We just have to accept that the game is dying and we might as well $%&@ things up until only the most loyal of players are around.
  10. 1.) Batallion went to peace mode as his alliance burned during the Thriller crusade. 2.) Teddyyo went to peace mode as his alliance burned during the Thriller crusade. 3.) Batallion is a tool. 4.) Inactive IRC channel with no actual AcTi members in it. 5.) No forums which were promised.
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