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  1. TBQH the hypocrisy card is probably the most annoying I ever see anyone play considering that people who play it generally said the TOP pre-empt was a great strategy. So in calling the other party out for being hypocrites and using the pre-empt, they themselves are being hypocrites.
  2. Its just under 6 slots per alliance per aid cycle, so 1 nation per alliance can pay off the reps by themselves. Oh the horror.
  3. Not to beat a dead horse here, but seriously where is that surrender that was about to happen?
  4. [quote name='Banedon' timestamp='1303758990' post='2699350'] When one side of a negotiation loses trust that the other side is negotiating in good faith it does tend to slow things down some. [/quote] I mean the terms are there. MK has never done anything to those that surrendered to it, so taking the terms is about as safe a bet as you can make. I have no idea what this post is for besides to attempt to put the blame elsewhere for the surrender taking forever.
  5. [quote name='HeroofTime55' timestamp='1303715266' post='2699069'] TORN basically jumped in right away because they wanted a war, and it forced NPO to follow along. Then TORN threw NPO under the bus with incredible haste, and the rest is history. [/quote] I could have sworn NPO tried to peace out with us before talking to TORN. Usually that means that NPO tried to throw TORN under the bus. EDIT: Also: STILL waiting on that inevitable peace guys.
  6. Still waiting on that surrender that was supposed to be right around the corner guys.
  7. This thread gets better and better as time goes on. Reasoning: Many people are screaming at the fact that TOP attacked right when peace was about to happen, and yet as time goes on the other side has still not surrendered. The argument pretty much refutes itself as time passes.
  8. Uh, hi there. I am one of the guys who "did not fight at all". And by not fight at all I assume you meant blew apart 10 nations (a couple solo who attacked me) from 4 alliances until they got to 2k infra and then went to peace mode. But sure I hear that being called not fighting all the time, it must be a new thing.
  9. Well, this is gonna hurt someone. Doubt its gonna be FOK.
  10. I mean considering how many alliance's mid and upper tiers we have pretty much leveled, not bad.
  11. Actually all these alliance declared on Doomhouse first. (Except for NPO). Doomhouse was just returning the favor.
  12. [quote name='Varianz' timestamp='1298413012' post='2642000'] Please stop bragging about Legion's performance in this war. Mighty Legion has fewer total active wars than NSO, and we're less than a third your size. [/quote] It is probably linked with the mighty NSO actually having most of their nations in war mode (during a war go figure) and the mighty Legion having 90% of their NS in peace mode. (Maybe)
  13. [quote name='Dr James Hennery' timestamp='1297661729' post='2632429'] Ok, I'm sorry, did you see their losses yesterday? From: 7,596,779 To: 7,546,805 Down: -49,974 And, for comparison purposes - MK: From: 8,652,275 To: 8,543,577 Down: -108,698 To be fair, I don't know how many fronts MK is in, but Legion is on GOONS and is getting hit with CnG's 23m (ish) nation strength, right? I don't mean to be over protective of allies I barely know but that is pretty darn good - particularly for how terrible people here speak of them. If you want to call someone a paper tiger or otherwise incompetent you could deride us (NPO) more than Legion at the moment. (Well, actually, that isn't very true either because we are only down 27-28K nation strength but it was true and certainly we bleed hard during Armageddon. *From yesterday on day of stat update which was yesterday*) *With update approaching these are almost a day old but ... you get the point. Stats shamelessly stolen from our stat guy. Also, to be fair, yesterday was lower that previous days so tonight's might be a lot more but still I don't think they are doing bad at all particularly when given the circumstances. [/quote] Considering they have their entire first 2 pages of nations in peace mode and MK is mostly war mode, I am sure that MK taking *only* double of what legion is getting is indeed quite indicative of their war prowess.
  14. [quote name='Timeline' timestamp='1297097160' post='2624102'] How come TOP did not attack ML ? [url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=98200"]MK & Umb are officially recognizing the state of war that currently exists between ourselves and Molon Labe.[/url] that's WHY, to attack ML they will in fact be attacking DUCKROLL seems big bad top don't want to fight [/quote] Or that one of their closest allies is in duckroll and ML already has enough on it.
  15. [quote name='The MVP' timestamp='1296697968' post='2616832'] It appears the damages are bottoming out quite a bit. I wonder why honestly, my best guess is the first set of wars is over with and a new set is about to begin but there's hardly any damage up there at all. [/quote] One side dominates the top tier while the other is all lower tier with top tier nations in peace mode. No real damage is being done anymore.
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