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  1. [quote name='T.Hubb' timestamp='1317877771' post='2818011'] Every single alliance out there who says "lolegion" (or comes up with some other witty catchphrase that keeps you warm at night) are full of crap. It's funny how you guys go from "oh wait, Legion won't do anything" to "Oh God, get all our allies on Legion now!" I also find it amusing that pretty much every one of you have condoned spying. The level of butthurt you would all feel at this would reach the heavens, I'm sure, and you would've done the same thing. If you want one of our allies so bad, knuckle up and call them out. Howev
  2. Every thread is a RV thread. He's a pretty big deal.
  3. [quote name='Guffey' timestamp='1301149047' post='2677132'] Something like this perhaps: (image) [/quote] That one got two heads though.
  4. [quote name='Dochartaigh' timestamp='1301154504' post='2677178'] I looked, Legion's nations are still in PM. They were at the time you wrote your post. Currently, there are 12 nations at 38k-90k out of PM. since the 19th, there are a total of 10 offensive wars against MK from Legion and 13 offensive wars against Legion from MK for a grand total of 23 wars between Legion and MK out of 102. 8 of the 12 nations over 38k NS are at war with at least 1 nation from MK. 9 out of 10 of the offensive wars come from these 8 nations and with 1 nation declaring on 2 MK nations the other 7 declaring on jus
  5. Is there anything going on in the world that doesn't make alterego cry? Seriously, man up you wimp.
  6. [quote name='Dochartaigh' timestamp='1301125448' post='2677012'] You stated that Legion had their 100k+ nations out of PM and did some damage when they first entered the war. But if they attempt to do it again, they would be dealing with all of CnG. So yes, I did reread your post. It may not have been your intention but you made it sound as if Legion should move their nations out of PM in order to damage MK. So I stated that at this point, MK would not really take any damage as CnG would pounce on those nations in a heartbeat. If Legion had kept them out of PM, then they would be fighting
  7. [quote name='mhawk' timestamp='1301080963' post='2676226'] Would that white peace include 30k or something like that in tech deals? [/quote] Are the people in charge lying even to you or are you just playing dumb? Oh how far TPF have fallen. *chuckles*
  8. [quote name='Drai' timestamp='1301066047' post='2676055'] So maybe when you come to an alliance for peace twice, and then decline white peace both times, you should actually think about what you're doing. Enjoy this NADC, you deserve it. [/quote] In their defense they were hoping for crippling reps so they could whine about them here on owf.
  9. [quote name='Roadie' timestamp='1301043982' post='2675923'] May your knives chip and shatter. Have fun trying to get Avalon to surrender, VE. They were the last alliance to peace out during Karma and I wouldn't expect it to go much different this time. [/quote] He is a tough nut to crack I'll give you that.
  10. [quote name='memoryproblems' timestamp='1301030466' post='2675801'] A wonderful example of how the victors write the history. Because you won, you can call it whatever you like, you can force CD to admit it was, and you can write it down in the history books, but all that doesn't make it true. [/quote] I bet it was also the fact that the other signatories agreed it was a violation that did that. Just a wild guess though. Now if you'll excuse me I have people to oppress.
  11. [quote name='mmansfield68' timestamp='1301028853' post='2675741'] Listen n00b, I've forgotten more about CN than you will ever know. Bitter? Not at all. Patient. [/quote] I know what you're trying to do but the WPE nominations are closed.
  12. [quote name='HeroofTime55' timestamp='1301026451' post='2675662'] I've abandoned doomhut in favor of doomhome. Do try to keep up. Glad to see my mannerisms picking up ground though. [/quote] Who would not be infected by your "[url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=100217&view=findpost&p=2675385"]creative and clever insults[/url]"? HeroofDaim! Boh yah! nailed it!
  13. Looks like doomhut needs to call in all the help they can! Still claiming that you're winning this?
  14. So wait. Everyone that did any damage to us is out of the war now? That's no fun. I'm blaming Ardus for this.
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