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  1. Stunt goat only made 2 revolutions during the drop. That's disappointing.
  2. Bionic redhead

    Silent No Longer

    Huzzah, now I can legally ... er continue to not post in the cesspit.
  3. Bionic redhead

    Our Beloved game under attack, can we help?

    Ding-dong! The witch is dead ...
  4. Bionic redhead

    Nice and Concise DoW

      Well that and you only have 135 million Reichsmarks left ...
  5. Bionic redhead

    Nice and Concise DoW

    Apparently NoR, DT, DS, GloF and the half of ODN that aren't in DLT mode wasn't enough.   I guess nobody caught the message from the Holy and Unholy wars that the more alliances that declare on Fark, the higher our morale gets.
  6. Bionic redhead

    The FARKLAND war

      Erm, nope.
  7. Bionic redhead

    Fark DoW

      Can we pay them money (beer) to not try and stop NoR? I've got some Inglorious reaction gifs I can bust out.
  8. Bionic redhead

    Farkistan had an erection and so should you

    Ohnoes, someone voted for me to be on the council     Also, bad Moose Hole, you've made the admin all cross eyed and sweaty.
  9. Bionic redhead

    The End of the Dinosaurs

    And nothing of value was lost.   My only regret is that we didn't beat all of your tech out of you in the Dave war.
  10. If only Manis B had been a better moralist and prevented GATO from making this vicious peace mode assault on us.
  11. Bionic redhead

    Somebody had to be last

    Can we fight you guys every week?
  12. Bionic redhead

    Propaganda for NoR/LSF and CSN/MK

    [quote name='Leet Guy' timestamp='1340819686' post='2998481'] I like your sig [/quote] I made that one for the last war, but didn't get permission to post it. I did get permission to post this though: [img]http://s11.postimage.org/dv75ph46r/peacemode.jpg[/img]
  13. Bionic redhead

    Propaganda for NoR/LSF and CSN/MK

  14. [center][img]http://images.wikia.com/cybernations/images/0/04/Carpediemflag.jpg[/img][/center] So, earlier this year there was a minor scuffle between people that don't particularly like each other. Now the people of Carpe Diem like to get into fights, usually with people much bigger than ourselves, and this one we really liked. In fact we liked it so much we got into it twice. Unfortunately, the people we went to war with the second time around weren't particularly impressed with our antics. It is now four months later and it is my pleasure to announce that our wallets have been lightened to the tune of 18,000 tech and £150 million and that therefore our surrender terms with the Mushroom Kingdom and The Order of the Paradox have been completed. And just to nip it in the bud, no I don't want people discussing our war with MK in this topic. Secondly, I am announcing that I am stepping down as sovereign of Carpe Diem. Simply put, I don't have the energy for the job. After a painstakingly long search, an apprentice-esque contest and finally a dance-off I have come to a decision (disclaimer: parts of that last sentence may not be entirely true). So, due to his long serving loyalty to our alliance and excellent handling of organising our reps to MK, I am announcing Cairna as the new sovereign of Carpe Diem. Signed Bionic Redhead - Former Sovereign
  15. Bionic redhead

    Congrats HoT

    Alterego is just annoyed that he didn't win.