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  2. kids, dont drink and drive or crazy icelandic people will make fun of your injured body.
  3. @ChairmanHal I don't think that should be like WoW, i think everyone could agree that WoW has more capital, staff, and popularity than Cybernations. But i don't think ideas cost that much money. The last batch of ideas wasn't that good. The Mars and Moon base seem only to effect the top 3% in the game. Its seems to me that they are cratering towards older players(although it would seem that i should complain seeing that i have been playing for 3 and half years) Maybe i'm asking for the CN staff to take a risk. Or at least add a comment remove button
  4. So in my last piece, I touch on my opinion of the game. That its boring as !@#$ and the community is the only thing has keeps me around(which seems like a bad sign). So I thought to myself, what could make the game less boring? Well first of all, I would like to note that I'm not a web designer and/or programmer. So don't use the argument "WHY DON'T YOU MAKE YOUR OWN GAME BUMHOLE?!?" There are plenty of game critiques that aren't game designers, so bite me. Ok, one of the big problems I see with the game is the lack of attachment I have to my nation. To me, my nation is little more than numbers. Sure, I have a map of where my capital city is marked and a big bubble to show how big you are getting (only until 3000 miles, what's up with that?). We also have a nation bio, which most people used as either a "I'M BUYING/SELLING TECH" billboard or a big " GET OFF MY LAWN RAIDERS, OR MY POODLE WILL HUMP YOUR LEG" sign. Yes, I know some people use this space for role playing, but how much role playing can you do in that small space? It’s like peeing in a thimble. There need to be more customization, I want my nation to look different from other players. I want my nation more than just numbers and a little bio. There also seem to be less and less new stuff coming out. The last new thing to come out was "CYBERNATIONS IN SPAAAAAAAACCCCEEE", with the Mars and Moon wonders. But that seems like a long time ago. I would like to see something (attack) to effect improvements; they seem to be getting off the hook for some reason when it comes to wars. Its seems like hospitals, churches and schools get blown to crap when war comes to a country, just ask anyone from Iraq. I know my suggestions may seem a bit obvious or “ITS ALREADY BEEN SUGGESTED KHARN, SO STFU” but the thing I really asking is for is change. This happens all too often with online game. The game starts off fun and great but when nothing new comes out the game gets stagnate and boring. All of the tricks are know and everyone becomes a homogenize blob. There is a reason why WoW and other online games release those expansion packs, so those dateless wonders continue to play and don’t make dumb blogs about how there beloved game is going down the !@#$ter. Wait a minute (Kharn thinks about when is the last time he had a date) $%&@!
  5. @ChairmanHal,Evileel,HalfEmpty: I would like to note that this was to never be a serious, its more or less satirical look, rather than a true analysis. If i had the time to put down all of the player type i actually thought, this would be a much bigger post. And i don't write more than 1500 words unless i'm being graded on it. But i thank you for analysis and input @Tarikmo:Yes lets talk about Lulz player, I find them to be social players. They don't really care about that game at large, if they did, they would give a flying !@#$ and become more serious. So they spread there type of "humour" and giggle like school girls when they get attention. They are a lot like a whinning 12 year old girl who wants the party to be about her. @Ashoka the Great: Touché
  6. Hmmm, I would say that Role-player players are basically fall into these categories (maybe not the casual player) but wish cybernations was move involved, rather than the “build this, kill that, repeat” In all the of alliances that I have been in the “role playing community” has always been weak. I think the reason behind this is because people rarely feel attached to there nations, they more likely to be attached to there alliance, which there story is dictated by founders and leaders I'm glad you enjoyed it
  7. (Hello Cybernations Community, I thought my first blog entry would be to group you all into groups and poke fun at them) Cybernations Thoughts: Player types Like any online game, the hook of the game is the community, and within the community there are different personalities and player types. This is my summary of the different type of players out there. The Casual Player: The casual player is the majority player of the cybernations community. These are the player that understand the game at its basic level, collect taxes, pay bills, buy !@#$, log out and repeat day in and day out. The only real community involvement that the casual player might interact in would be joining an alliance to save there @#$% from the wolves out there is the cybernations pasture, where they do the same thing and contribute diddle to the alliance, so they might as well be ghosts. I have always wonder how the casual player got into this game? Probably there geeky friend said “ I HAVE THIS AWESOME GAME FOR YOU, YOU SHOULD TOTALLY PLAY IT” and then when the make a nation, they must think there friend is the most boring person on the planet. To me the ACTUAL(nation building) game of the cybernations is about as entertaining as watching paint dry. Sadly, I don’t think the casual player gets to experience the REAL part of the game, at least the entertaining part. The Power player: The power player is rare player, because they actually like the ACTUAL game part of cybernations. That means the nation building and the combat part of the game. Which makes me think these are the most dull people in the universe. The difference between power players and casual players is that power player are actually useful. Usually when someone spends time to understand something they want to get more involved. Power player are good a writing guilds or being Minsters of War, because they have taken the time out of there lives study the nuances of battle mechanics, improvement swapping and whatever $%&@ up game point to exploit. I would like to think of power players as failed teachers. they have devoted energy to figuring which wonder to buy at 6K infra or what’s the best naval strategy to the idiot masses of cybernations. Of course they players are dying out like the dinosaurs, because they game has been analyzed countless number of times so everyone copies off of everyone else. That’s community for ya. The Social Player: Another rare player, unless you are on IRC. Social player could give two !@#$% about the game; they are in it for the social experience. There is sort of popularity with social players, its like people are trying denying their geekyness by saying “I’m not really into this game, I’m into people....who happen to be geeks”. I don’t quite understand these players, you would think that if you wanted to social experience you might think about talking to ACTUAL people, or at the every at least go on chatroulette and dodge the people jerking off. I remember the Infra < Friends campaign and I had to roll my eyes at these people. It was almost like they forgot that Cybernation is ultimately a game and who ever has the most infra, usually wins The Political Player: I almost wanted to call them “The Actual Player” because these people actually effective the game (for better or for worst). Political players are usually the Minsters of Foreign Affairs and the Leaders of alliance or at least they want to be. They want to shape the landscape of alliance and when they become "successfully" at doing that, effect the game. Also they might be called “The Hardcore Player” because in order to become one you need encyclopedic knowledge of the MDP web. It seems like the goal of the political player is to start there own !@#$ alliance and boss people around and add their blip on the MDP web. Its like there are afraid of death and they need to have something that proves to the future generation of players, even if said alliance only lasted 6 months and failed because of there own stupidity. The Retired Player: And now its has come full circle when we reach the retired player. The retired play usually sits back and “advises” from a far. They seem to be sick of the “running an alliance” part of the game and have opt for the yelling at kids on there porch and firing out pearls of wisdom to there “lessors”. 2 things that piss me off about retired players, 1. Unlike old people, retired players wont die, they retire, then come out, then retire again, then come out again with a new alliance, then retire because they couldn’t handle it and so on. Bowing out of responsibility doesn’t make you honorable, it makes you a !@#$% hack. 2. retire players seem to talk smack, but don’t take responsibility for the words that they say, saying “I’m not apart of the leadership, I’m just acting the part” You are retired, now shut up before i take out by the shed and shoot you. That's it for now kids.
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