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CSN can have fun too!

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[quote][19:54]<~Phoebua> Most of Superfriends isn't even a problem to us
[19:54]<~Phoebua> I believe if it came down to it we could take on AT LEAST RoK, GOD, and CSN.
[19:55]<X> Are you dillusional?
[19:55]<~Phoebua> Not in the slightest.
[19:55]<~Phoebua> lolxiphosis
[19:55]<~Phoebua> I'm pretty confident that Synergy could take on SF.
[19:55]<x> Okay, I see where this is going.
<~Phoebua> GOD doesn't have anything on LoSS', superior military techniques. It's a different LoSS. We'd roll them.
[19:56]<~Phoebua> RIA and this sanction race are what's knocking me over right about now though. Are they just merging protectorates into them or what? They aren't that great.[/quote]

Time to put your money where your mouth is.


The Commonwealth of Sovereign Nations hereby declares war on the League of Small Superpowers.

[quote][i]Goose[/i], Head of State, Warmonger, Hater of Huggles, and Old Man with a Cane

[i]Allied_Threat[/i], Deputy Head of State, Preacher of Warmonger, Conscientious Objector to the War That's in My Mind, Slayer of Infidels, Doer of Your Mum.

[i]Liz[/i], Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Penkybabyy,

[i]Captain_Mudfoot[/i], Minister of Defense,

[i]Gibsontator21[/i], Minister of Interior Affairs,

[i]JTKirk[/i], Director of Recruitment,

[i]Requia[/i], Director of Education[/quote]

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