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  1. you turn me on so much

  2. The Imperial Order joined Synergy a short while ago: http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=94550 TIO stats page: http://www.cybernations.net/stats_alliance_stats_custom.asp?Alliance=the%20imperial%20order
  3. The fact you'\d be willing to cancel over a ******* piat proves that you guys thought a lot less of us than we thought of you. You talk about doing this for your members; I regret subjecting my members to treatying with you. Yawoo, you mean nothing to me. Schatt, you never meant anything to me. Amossio, don't ever bother talking to me. I wish Nemesis the best luck in all their future endeavors.
  4. All I hear from you is blame Timeline. Classy. I have a clear conscience about the TBH fiasco. I feel like a fool for ever agreeing to protect them/you, but Ratz and I did everything we could for TBH to solve every @#$%-up they/you performed. In the end, your co-founder got sick of you. And he left for another alliance, in the same fashion I defended when he joined TBH (a fashion you were fine with when it benefited you). If a leader of another alliance we protect left for us, I would accept them, too, especially if they were sick of the alliance they were in for whatever reason and thinking
  5. The problem here doesn't seem to be my facts, it seems to be the fact that you blatantly ignore them. Trying to make Timeline out to be the problem that killed TBH is laughable. If it could've survived before he and his friends came in, it could've survived well after he and his friends left. And it was not Timeline that ruined LoSS' opinion of TBH, it was !@#$ like Banned going off on our Noir allies, claiming the bloc was a tool to make Sparta more "NPO-like," and his reacting to my confronting him about it, trying to say I was turning on him. Once again, ignore the facts if you wish, bu
  6. I see a few faults in your logic, mostly based on ignorance of the facts. To begin with, although Timeline did come with drama, he was by no means the purveyor of drama in TBH. That title would go to his co-founder. Timeline told me that he left TBH due to too much of the drama. He was a minor part of it in the grand schemes. And we don't turn down members unless they are far more antagonistic or offensive. And Timeline wasn't the cause of any Spartan discontent. People leaving who were getting aided up to become banks were the real complaints there. Next, we never "confronted" Timeline
  7. [quote name='LJ Scott' date='27 April 2010 - 05:18 PM' timestamp='1272406676' post='2277695'] Did you guys purge accounts recently? Can't seem to log in. [/quote] It's also possible you never registered to the new forums. We didn't transfer profiles from the old forums over. I see you were registered on the old one. I don't think we have any mod that deletes profiles, just demasks. If the last time you visited our forums it looked like this: http://loss.cn-source.net/ then you may have never registered on the current forums.
  8. [quote name='Moe Szyslak' date='27 April 2010 - 10:59 AM' timestamp='1272383979' post='2277358'] Is it true that prior to the "poaching" incident that there were already government discussions of LoSS cancelling said protectorate with TBH due to political stress? [/quote] We had originally planned on giving them a month, then reviewing the treaty. Prior to the incident where someone and his friends left, there were always members of government that thought the treaty was a bad idea, because every 3 days, TBH had some crisis, whether it be picking fights with Valhalla, having drama with Spar
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