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  1. When I started reading this topic, I was really hoping you weren't from LoSS before the merger. Oh well, you're not the worst we've ever housed (dwthegreat, krunk, Trekkie, cynic, chedab, Andy), but you might be the most annoying. I'm just glad you weren't around to see the LoSS that Phoebus, Ratz, junior and I used to run. Also, your alliance is bad and you should feel bad.
  2. At least we did one thing right. Literally bitching about the wording of our DoW. I somehow feel that there's something else bothering you. Also lol'd at hegemony references, given the other side's recent history.
  3. The reason they attacked GOD and Invicta is because everyone on both sides still wants to hit GOD and Invicta at least a little bit. Also, best declaration yet. Good luck, my brown, feline friends. Maximum respect.
  4. you turn me on so much

  5. [quote name='Bob Ilyani' timestamp='1326151489' post='2896516'] Sad to Amossio out of gov [/quote] Not really. [quote name='Proest' timestamp='1326161515' post='2896629'] This has an extremely notable lack of: Chels and Ben. I do not accept. [/quote] Should I coup them?
  6. I'm pretty jelly of DT, Rok and Legacy right now, I won't lie.
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