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  1. Guess who's back at warr? That's right Comrade effin R. SUP GOONS? We've never met, But oh boy, you guys are going to get annoyed at me so much that you'll end up loving me :)
  2. [quote name='Cairna' timestamp='1355937641' post='3065876'] ...Ladies and gentleman, the thought-powerhouse that is ComradeR [/quote] Eh. It's better than going to war over someone. Ladies and gents, the "thought-powerhouse" that is NSO
  3. So another war started to get back at someone. Seems like every alliance is becoming gay to each other now a days. Not that there is anything wrong with that.
  4. Damn it. Didn't get a chance to hit anyone in GATO Anyways. time to drink more beer. Where are my enemies at??
  5. So sup GATO? I hope ya'll like beer. I'll be drinking some with you after war. I think enemies make good friends
  6. [quote name='James Wilson' timestamp='1342585260' post='3011468'] Oh, thats you...your not the first guy who posted. my bad lol [/quote] lol! I promise my attacks will suck. Im in anarchy, I should be an easy target
  7. [quote name='James Wilson' timestamp='1342585048' post='3011461'] you got too small for me, sorry. [/quote] Correction, you're smaller than me Nation Strength: 23,497.292 (My nation strength is: 26,186.865)
  8. [quote name='James Wilson' timestamp='1342583957' post='3011445'] Yeaaaaaa....I don't think we're the ones who have to worry about that: [/quote] LOLOLOLOL, I meant me, so far no one from GATO has attacked me
  9. I'm with smontag here is my link too http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=400128 I'm in anarchy, so it's great timing for you guys. Please fill my slots up. thanks
  10. About time. I hope GATO has someone who will actually fight back
  11. [quote name='Thorgrum' timestamp='1342492710' post='3011002'] You're to small, Im sure thats a phrase you've heard several times before so I know you want take it personally. I expected you to hit her, I dont think you expect me to rogue your AA until I am spent and delete. Unfortunately your high end warriors are in PM, Im sure for purely strategic reasons.... No matter, I have all the time in the world. Ive been here for years... [/quote] That's cool then. maybe one they are out of PM you can rogue us. Would be great. I wish I was at your range, would have been an interesting fight for s
  12. [quote name='Thorgrum' timestamp='1342406732' post='3010628'] you were warned, peace mode dosent last forever. [/quote] Basically why we attacked LOL. Nah seriously. It's war what did you expect? You either have fun destroying and getting pixels destroyed or you throw a fit that pixels are getting destroyed. So with this I end it by saying.. Come at me, bro
  13. *yawns* that's it? Cool story bro
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