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  1. It's what Mark Cuban and the funky bunch are about to do. RIP CITY UPRISE.
  2. You must loathe most rappers as well I would assume.
  3. I don't know what you're talking about, drunk sleep is the best mang.
  4. Good book, I'm excited for the new one to come out.
  5. Well the most recent is obviously Charlie Sheen. People reference it IRL and all I can think of is Alterego
  6. You really know how to beat a good joke into un-funniness and then keep repeating it.
  7. I think you people over-estimate how much we "rage".
  8. Dear god, the sheer amount of effort you put into it shows that yes, you do indeed care. At least the time you take to find these furry pictures is time you're not posting. Literally pulling my hair out IRL I'm so mad.
  9. The purple lump dude.
  10. And to think that I thought for even a second the Leo-Aeris dynamic was actually a scientific term that had to do with eroding the credibility of one's points by associating it with unflattering images. Nope, its just the name of the grey cat and pink cat.
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