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  1. All hail Zort our glorious savior whom begot one son to be the Savior of CRAP, Harvey The Wonder Hamster
  2. * The RIA maintains 9 separate treaties with the Coalition of Royal Allied Powers with our relationship beginning on November 11, 2007 when we first signed a protectoRIte pact with them. Jesus do I love you guys.
  3. tl;dr wake me up when we get to 10 years.
  4. May your nukes not get blocked TTK. Hopefully no bad blood comes from this with the people in STA who have always treated me well.
  5. May your nukes fly swiftly and your enemies SDI operators fail my Maroon Brethren o/ USN
  6. Congrats to my great friends in mW. Let's keep the party going
  7. I can confirm this statement as a long time member
  8. Didn't know that we were a neutral. All those wars fought, a bigger lie than the cake. As always CRAP will continue our streak of existing and having good allies.
  9. CRAP will dearly miss our allies in CSN. I wish you nothing but the best for all the good times. o7 CSN
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