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  1. you turn me on so much

  2. A lot of this topic makes me lol. Legacy were a pretty cool alliance when I dealt with them, cool members, except sarm who was a !@#$%. I can see why they would decide to make this move, especially considering the treaties they decided to sign. [quote name='AirMe' timestamp='1311216124' post='2760174'] LoSS maneuver detected. Analyzing situation. History Repetition Inevitable. [/quote] We did it with much more zazz, thank you very much.
  3. Hetman, why you never come to #loss and tell us how bad we are anymore? We miss you
  4. [quote name='rtellez06' timestamp='1309833542' post='2748999'] Wait so you 5 ragequit loss and started a new alliance? I knew about this when Dua and Phoeb got elected to trium. Lolol [/quote] You seem to lack comprehension of the rage part. They left; you ragequit.
  5. This is by far better than Christmas.
  6. I for one and shocked and appalled. How could you, GOONS? How could you?
  7. Glad to see this treaty put up in a timely fashion. :v
  8. [quote name='JustIncredible' timestamp='1301503268' post='2680702'] Classy? I beg to differ. [/quote] Classy is our middle name, good sir. Please come to #loss and we'll discuss it like gentlemen.
  9. Hey I remember you. You surrendered the first day of the war. You know it looks a lot worse when you're the founder and leader of the alliance and you surrender, right?
  10. [quote name='Scorponok' timestamp='1300092985' post='2664354'] Very great to see. Now there is less chance of me being locked away in a room with Skippy by myself, yeah I'm looking at you CGB. May I say this is sexy. <3 LoSS [/quote] I'm sure I will be locked in there with you two. Skippy has a thing for my sexy Midwestern accent. [quote name='Sarmatian Empire' timestamp='1300141415' post='2664978'] This is great for you TIO! If the combined forces of the none AA attack you, youll have a endless horde of noobs you can call in! [/quote] Excuse me, sir, but you seem to have bec
  11. Glad to see the CGB Is Awesome Accords is finally up. Rebirth, u slow.
  12. [quote name='Gibsonator21' timestamp='1298966332' post='2647857'] Honestly CGB, this entire war you're one of the people I never saw anything respectful from. Everything was just trash talk. That's great, I don't expect you or any of LoSS to be happy or hold any love for us. In public everyone should know to hold back and show some level of decency and respect. Desert Ratz has been incredibly pleasant. Phoebus was fun. A lot of LoSS Gov. was great. You? Nope. [/quote] I love you, too, honey.
  13. [quote name='Gibsonator21' timestamp='1298965541' post='2647842'] If we were losing why did DT agree to reps and LoSS agree to an apology? I just.. I just don't even... [/quote] Because LOSS can admit when it or any of its members is wrong, which our members were. If CSN had this virtue, we wouldn't have had 3 weeks and 79 pages of people losing their respect for the Commonwealth. It's ironic Lord Brendan talks about my statements being unbecoming when you imply that the only reason to apologize for asinine behavior is because you're losing. EDIT: DRUGSUP IS STEALING MAH SIG
  14. 20k technology will not save CSN from being a !@#$ alliance. EDIT: o/ DT
  15. [quote name='Gibsonator21' timestamp='1298247451' post='2639920'] [17:28] <@TiTaN[DT]> We, at DT, feel like this war has gone on for too long. While we at DT are coordinated, LoSS has 0 coordination. We are looking to get peace [17:28] <Liz[CSN|MoFA]> On behalf of the freaky fish people too? [17:29] <Liz[CSN|MoFA]> Or just DT? [17:29] <@TiTaN[DT]> FHU, aslo [17:29] <Liz[CSN|MoFA]> Alright. I feel like this is something that we can deal with. Definitely. [17:29] <Liz[CSN|MoFA]> We like DT. Didn't expect ya'll to come in on LoSS' behalf tbh [17:29] <
  16. Draconian reparations are drac--- oh wait, wrong topic. Good luck in the post-war processes, Brain. You were a classy opponent.
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