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Ragnarok Announcement

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Ragnarok hereby cancels it's PIAT with Carpe Diem. We haven't spoken to each other in years, (quite literally) and most of our governments forgot it was there. However we wish Carpe Diem the best of luck in the future. It will become null and void in 48 hours.

Signed for Ragnarok by:

Emperor: Van Hoo III
Regent: Tautology
Vice-Regent: Rampage
High Chancellor: Valtumdraugr
Vice-Chancellor: KaitlinK
Consul: The Pantsless Gecko
Lord of Foreign Affairs: Joe Stupid

Edited by Joe Stupid
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[quote name='Grumpdogg' date='27 May 2010 - 11:03 PM' timestamp='1275019372' post='2314246']
And so the reign of the great SC* hegemonic super-bloc comes to an end.

*Super Cotta?

Super Cotta sounds pretty epic, no doubt we'd all be warm and cozy with each other. :blink:

Good luck to both parties.

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[quote name='Van Hoo III' date='28 May 2010 - 02:03 AM' timestamp='1275019376' post='2314247']
Consider it done ... however, I still will not sell you tech. :wub:

No need to sell, soon I'll enable our PIAT and request aid in tech form. :awesome:

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[quote name='Van Hoo III' date='28 May 2010 - 04:18 AM' timestamp='1275016688' post='2314214']
I do still :wub: Pyro and Cairna ... if they are both still in CD.

They're both there still.

All the best CD, makes sense for this to be cancelled if neither of you even remembered you'd signed it.

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