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  1. [center][img]http://i88.photobucket.com/albums/k186/KasMage/tohdflag.png[/img][/center] [center]The Order of Halsa Declaration of Existence, Treaty, And WAR![/center] [left]I'll keep this short. As with Mr. Puppies, most of you don't know me anymore, I'm not on IRC, forums, nada. This whole time I have been the master of loving dying alliances, and I have prided myself in the amount of time I have spent in them. Today is no different. If there is any alliance that needs to be revitalized, it will be The Order of Halsa, and if there is anyone that The Order of Halsa would support, well I'll get to that. So hereby The Order of Halsa, a once noble and great alliance, is reformed.[/left] [left]Ok that order of business is over, we hereby sign a MDAP treaty with Kronos, weather they like it or not. Masterof9Puppies remains one of the orders best and greatest friends, and we will not see our friends go out without help.[/left] [left] So as for war, hereby, based on our MDAP with Kronos, we declare war on the alliance Anarchy Inc.[/left] [left]And with the war against JoeStupid, he had it coming to him, let be honest.[/left] [left]And to everyone I have spent this time with here, I wish you the best, I will be around more forums and see how you guys are doing more often. Puppets, Cao, Gen Beagle, Porkie, Lambie, to Cressers, to the old Xiph, to Vanhoo, to everyone who keeps the Halsan memory alive, and will continue to do so. I love you guys so much, thanks for a great game.[/left] [left]o/ Mo9P[/left] [left]o/ Halsa![/left] [left]To warrrr![/left]
  2. I've seen him get less and less active in the game and I'm honestly really sad to see him go :/
  3. Leet guy: yes and please wait for my fourth 1 mil ns post lol Being friends with them is a blamable offnese now....how crude!
  4. Happy to say one of the best fights ive ever encountered on the battlefield. I do hope this war may end quickly hereafter for our other allies.
  5. [quote]And dude the condom was towards TSO[/quote] Let me please correct this, this wasn't towards TSO, I meant to put wasn't, I was addressing someone else... if you didn't notice. while I'm here I mine as well say something to you about this... [quote]We have lost 400k yes but 70k was due to a deserter... so in all 320k NS lost isnt as far away statistically than the 200k / 50k Tops lost.[/quote]
  6. Ron Weasley... Yup horrible thought ain't it... Very poor way of creating a reputation for yourself on CN.
  7. o/ however I think you falter in our means of attacking you. We have lost 400k yes but 70k was due to a deserter... so in all 320k NS lost isnt as far away statistically than the 200k / 50k Tops lost. I feel like you are going to the extremes of the spectrum when talking about how ares is fighting. all oir wars combined are four of ARES top tier where i know me and hoth launch attacks together and cao does work and then maybe my mow doesnt do anything...granted there are reasons that he cant attack other than inactivity. Either way I enjoy our communications too and I hope to persue a friendly relationship with yall in the future
  8. Cant edit above on my phone... Please forgive my errors in spelling...on my phone cant type that well
  9. Im not out to be a meatshield Im out to protect a long standing ally against an attack on them. Ive done it before and frankly weve lost this much ns before and have recovered. NS doesnt mean anything to us. We are old players of the game for the most part and I see our resistance beong strong and my alliances morale being as high as ever. I do not say my alliance is spectacular or the best thing that has ever existed. I think of us as great from the perspective i see us in I have almost beein in ARES three years and this is the only alliance that I ever want to know. Not because of NS but because of my friendships within. TSO have proved to be great opponents and I respect them. I want this to.be a war where we do what we need to do which is go where our allies need us. Both respectable and honorable causes. ARES has been preparing for war for a long time and as much as anyone can bash us Im the real person that knows my alliance and I am proud as ever. And gross. I feel bad for the ns you and power lost last night...what was that I won 5 gbs? xd. And dude the condom was towards TSO. Im replying to all this right now because Ive said previously this is a TSO ARES thread. People want to come in and bash ARES so they get what they deserve. Im looking for a fair fight. Not something where we are fighting back and forth. Expecially with people not in the conflict. Have fun on the battlefield boys.
  10. Let me make clear that a decision to defend my ally will never be considered a bad decision in my or ARES mind.
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